Update April 17, 2020

  1. Added Brazilian Portuguese localization.
  2. Increased reputation gain from completing contracts, and decreased requirements for all reputation milestones (by ~25-30%).
  3. Fixed the possibility to be cornered by the priest in the Mannshire Chapel.
  4. Fixed bison AI bug – now they don’t remain passive if you aggroed anyone from their herd.
  5. Fixed rare crash after loading the container.
  6. Fixed enemies standing still while the player is stunned.
  7. Fixed Flame Ring damaging Ancient Troll multiple times.
  8. Fixed possibility to stun against the location transition tiles.
  9. Added special visual icon for Ancient Troll location on the map.
  10. Added missing stats to enchantments pool: Stun Chance, Daze Chance, Knockback Chance, Armor Damage, Bodypart Damage, Cooldown Duration, Stun Resistance, Knockback Resistance, Bleeding Resistance, Physical Damage Resistance, Nature Damage Resistance, Magic Resistance, Pain Resistance, Hunger Resistance, Toxicity Resistance.
  11. Added sound effect for Bad Trip modifier.
  12. Entrances to some dungeons are now correctly displayed closed if the dungeon is inactive.