Update May 9, 2020

  1. Removed "War Cry" ability from Proselyte Chosen.
  2. Vineyard roadcart loot no longer respawns after loading the game.
  3. Fixed buff animation sometimes causing crashes.
  4. Fixed incorrect capitalization of item names.
  5. Fixed numerous typos.
  6. Fixed incorrect usage of "Adrenaline Rush" by enemies.
  7. Fixed fleaworts not properly spawning in the world.
  8. Added a special icon for permadeath mode saves.
  9. Fixed barrels rotating after being struck by greatsword crits.
  10. Added collisions for closed ruined bastions.
  11. It now continues to rain in special PoI locations.
  12. Abbey should no longer reset after leaving it.
  13. Fixed birds SFX.
  14. Fixed Life Drain and Energy Drain incorrectly working in some situations.
  15. Fixed some problems with turning in contract items.