Update June 18, 2020

  1. "Pikeman’s Stance" cancels in the Rest Mode.
  2. Enemies no longer move between locations if they are Immobilized.
  3. Fixed weapon critical effects not applying to offhand critical strikes.
  4. When turning in commissions, items in your inventory receive higher priority than equipped ones.
  5. Ancient Troll no longer attacks while Petrified.
  6. Decreased hunger and thirst gain from the Gnawmaw curse.
  7. "Riposte" and "Piercing Shot" now work correctly.
  8. "Feint Swing" now correctly decreases Fumble Chance instead of reducing it.
  9. Weapon Damage stat no longer affects unarmed strikes.
  10. Bonus Range now applies correctly in the Attack Mode.
  11. Fixed crossbow unloading crashing the game on some occasions.
  12. "Anticipation" and "Precision" now work correctly with crossbows.
  13. Fixed "War Cry" duration.
  14. Fixed "Sudden Strike" cooldown reset.
  15. Fixed immediate decrease of charge skills cooldowns upon usage.
  16. Fixed "Control Shot" Crit Chance calculation and "Anticipation" duration.
  17. Fixed "Hunter’s Mark" working incorrectly.
  18. Fixed "Adrenaline Rush" bonus duration calculation.
  19. Fixed "Flurry of Blows" not working correctly when used by enemies.
  20. Fixed some Osbrook’s containers not being properly saved.
  21. Osbrook Mill location was redesigned.