Update July 25, 2020

New Items

  1. 2 new daggers: Commoner’s Dagger and Elven Stiletto.
  2. 5 new axes: Exquisite Tabar, Heavy Aldorian Axe, Aldwynnian Axe, Gilded Axe, and Lordly Axe.
  3. 1 new mace: Elven Flail.
  4. 4 new chest pieces: Dwarven Armor, Light Brigandine, Elven Brigandine, and Skadian Yushman.
  5. 8 new helmets: Barbute (4 variants) and Cervelliere (4 variants).
  6. 3 new pieces of footwear: Town Shoes, Duelist Boots, and Splint Boots.
  7. 3 new mage sets (mantle + cowl): Cryomancer, Electromancer, and Chronomancer.
  8. 4 new amulets: Gold Medallion, Jibean Pendant, Amber Amulet, Lazurite Amulet.
  9. 1 new cape: Jousting Cloak.


  1. Traders can now sell many items which were previously excluded from their stock.
  2. Added log messages for critical shots.
  3. Added a warning about the progress not being saved on exit when leaving the game.
  4. Reduced the effectiveness of roasted mushrooms.
  5. Numerous fixes across all localizations.
  6. Fixed the item dupe exploit with some of the containers in Osbrook.
  7. Fixed the incorrect block power calculation.
  8. Fixed the incorrect durability loss when blocking attacks.
  9. Fixed the collision between a cell and a door in Mannshire prison.
  10. Fixed visual effects displaying above enemies while they are in the fog of war.
  11. Mobs no longer display speech messages while they are petrified, stunned, or asleep.
  12. Added new equipment sounds.
  13. Fixed the incorrect "Blood Oath" log message.
  14. Fixed pathfinding when clicking on a NPC to start a dialogue.
  15. Fixed the fleawort usage with an open backpack.
  16. Fixed the possibility of dropping items on the ground when dragging them outside of the trade menu.
  17. The fog of war is now being properly calculated when using "Onslaught".
  18. Fixed the possibility of decapitating targets by using "Mighty Kick" and other non-weapon skills.
  19. Fixed the possibility of reloading while stunned.
  20. Fixed the absence of psionic damage on items.