Update September 26, 2020


  1. Increased the Damage and Health for boars, moose, bison, deer, and saigas.
  2. Increased the experience gained for killing most animals and the restless dead.
  3. Reduced Health and Dodge Chance for wraiths.
  4. Most undead enemies and brigands had their Health reduced by 10-15%.
  5. The intimidation state is now 1.5-2 times longer for most aggressive animals.
  6. Rebalanced spawn points for most enemies. The dungeons should be less overcrowded now.
  7. Proselyte Adept’s behavior pattern was changed from Mage to Close Combat.
  8. Increased the cooldown of "Loud Barking".
  9. Reduced the duration of the "Netted" debuff to 6 turns.
  10. Most herbs now raise thirst upon usage to reflect their bitter, astringent taste.
  11. Reduced brigands’ Vision range by 10%.


  1. Numerous minor fixes to the AI.
  2. Fixed the rendering algorithm for the fog of war in dungeons.
  3. Fixed the issue with enemies not using dashing abilities.
  4. Fixed the issue with secret rooms’ generation.
  5. Fixed the issue with Morale multipliers, which had been causing each enemy type, including bosses, to have an equal chance to retreat.
  6. Numerous fixes to rooms and accompanying collision issues.
  7. Fixed the bug with archers replenishing their Energy upon switching weapons.
  8. Fixed the bug with archers shooting through walls.
  9. Animals can now properly escape instead of darting around frantically.
  10. Fixed the crash caused by "Necrophage".
  11. Fixed the crash caused by "Soul Sacrifice".
  12. Fixed the crash caused by "Leg Sweep".
  13. Fixed the crash caused by "Blaze".
  14. Fixed the bug with foxes being stuck in their intimidation state.
  15. Fixed the issue with enemies disappearing after following the player to another location.
  16. Fixed the bug with ghouls spawning in the fog of war.
  17. Fixed the issue with the ghoul’s Morale multiplier, which had been causing them to be much less prone to retreating than intended.
  18. Proselyte Flagellants no longer use "Lash Blessing" on the player.
  19. Fixed the issue with "Grave Chill" range.
  20. Fixed the issue with "Anticipation" having an effect even before it’s actually learned.
  21. Fixed the description of "Abominable Vitality". The chance to trigger the effect is 75%, not 50%.
  22. Fixed the issue with "Rune of Enfeeblement" reducing resistances to -100%.
  23. Fixed the problem with containers’ reset in brigand camps.
  24. Fixed the crash caused by gold inside containers.
  25. Made it more preferable for enemies to avoid tiles with traps.
  26. Fixed the issue with beds’ collision.
  27. Fixed the issue with Burnet using the effect of Nettle.
  28. Fixed the bug preventing acorns from being roasted.
  29. Fixed the inability to interact with wardrobes in one of the boss rooms in crypts.
  30. Fixed the issue with Ghasts granting too little experience on death.
  31. Fixed the issue with High Priests not granting any experience on death.
  32. Added the missing descriptions to some enemies.
  33. "N/A" in fan translations are temporarily replaced with English text (the translations are already on their way!).
  34. Optimization improvements.
  35. Changes to layouts of some hovers.