Update September 27, 2020

  1. Minor fixes to secret rooms.
  2. Added the missing phrases to the German localization.
  3. Fixed the issue occurring with the Restless’ sprite upon being resurrected by a necromancer.
  4. Fixed the crash caused by shooting.
  5. Fixed the trolls’ AI priorities.
  6. Added soil decals to crypts.
  7. Fixed numerous issues with collision and impassable tiles in dungeons.
  8. Fixed the incorrect functioning of "No Retreat".
  9. Fixed the issue with a spear passive working without an equipped spear.
  10. Fixed the bug preventing bandits from attacking boars.
  11. Fixed the timing of the Flesh Golem’s explosion, so that it doesn’t occur prematurely.
  12. Fixed the issue with the external part of the brigand Bastion.
  13. Fixed the dungeon generation bug which had been causing an incorrect amount of treatise rooms to appear in crypts.
  14. Fixed the bug with traps not spawning correctly.