Update September 30, 2020

  1. Fixed the multiplier for noise generated by certain actions.
  2. Fixed some issues with retreating enemies.
  3. Added additional statuses to the inspection menu.
  4. Fixed the bug with dogs spawning inside dungeon walls.
  5. Fixed the bug causing walls to become traversable after destroying certain objects next to them.
  6. Fixed the bug causing Cooldowns to drop to zero.
  7. Fixed the issue with the number of grimoire rooms during one of the crypt contracts.
  8. Fixed the incorrect zones for ranged attacks.
  9. Disarming no longer forces you to skip a turn.
  10. Enemies now properly react to being lured by "Shout".
  11. Fixed the AI issue which had been causing mobs to stop reacting to attacks outside of their Vision range.
  12. Fixed the possibility of picking a lock after throwing away a required consumable.
  13. Removed guaranteed critical hits against retreating targets.
  14. Storing food in containers no longer prevents it from spoiling.
  15. Fixed excessive loot in Proselyte dungeons.
  16. Removed the possibility of breaking through cell doors with a crowbar during NPC rescue contracts.
  17. Fixed the issue with crowbars disappearing after their durability reaches zero.