Update October 20, 2020


  1. Added a Reputation Tab to the journal. Now you can look up your Reputation level at any time and see how exactly it influences your character.
  2. Consumables for brigands: brigands are now spawned with a random supply of bandages, splints, and vivifying essences, which they can use to deal with bleeding, injuries, or low Health.
  3. Added two new variations of Wraiths to high level crypts.
  4. Ghasts and Necromancers learned a new skill - "Binding Sigil".


  1. Rebalanced enchantments. The randomness of stat bonuses was removed - each enchantment stat bonus is now a static value, which is overall slightly lower than the maximum values you could potentially roll in previous versions of the game.
  2. Enchantment scrolls now apply a single enchantment instead of two. Magic items (items with two enchantments) can only be acquired as loot from enemies and containers.
  3. These are just temporary measures, meant to reduce the amount of save scumming (if not to negate it) associated with enchantments before the release of the rarity system update, which is planned for the next year.
  4. Rebalanced curses. There were also some changes made to curses and cursed items (they will be greatly updated and expanded upon next year as well).
  5. The chance for a curse to trigger now grows significantly slower, and killing enemies is also much more effective at slowing it down. Additionally, curses are now several times stronger than before, making them feel more dangerous.
  6. The changes apply to curses’ stat bonuses as well - some of them didn’t work properly with certain equipment types, so they were fixed or straight up changed.
  7. Curse of Everfear: +N Unholy Damage > -5% Damage Taken. Low Morale improves the bonus.
  8. Curse of Gnawmaw: +10% > +13% Life Drain. Hunger and Thirst improve the bonus.
  9. Curse of Goldhoarder: +25% Lock-picking & Disarming > +13% Experience Gain. High amounts of gold in the inventory improve the bonus.
  10. Curse of Gorelust: +10% > +13% Weapon Damage. Low Health improves the bonus.
  11. Curse of Soulstealer: +10% > +13% Energy Drain. Low Energy improves the bonus.
  12. Curse of Sufferjoy: +7% > +10% Crit Chance. High Pain improves the bonus.
  13. Curse of Loudmouth: +N Psionic Damage > +10% Control Resistance.
  14. Curse descriptions were tweaked, improving their transparency, and their effects are now registered in the battle log.
  15. "Raise Shield" no longer grants Dodge Chance if its value was negative when the ability was activated.
  16. Increased Control Resistance for skeleton enemies.
  17. Added Bleed Resistance to Restless and Ghasts.
  18. Reduced Resistances and Accuracy for Proselyte bosses.
  19. Enemies now need a visual confirmation that their allies are being damaged before turning Hostile.
  20. Bottom dungeon floors are now generated with 20% less rooms.
  21. Reduced Dodge Chance for Chronomancer Mantle.
  22. Slightly increased "weight" for skeletons, restless, mages, and archers - they will now spawn in smaller numbers.
  23. Fixed the issue with Moose and Bison granting too little Experience on death.
  24. Lowered the chance of food and alcohol drops in Bastion containers.
  25. Overall reduced life span for most food types.


  1. Fixes to actions’ priority: bleeding now triggers before the beginning of the turn, and cooldowns no longer refresh right after the effect is activated.
  2. Refactored the priority for reducing modifiers’ duration.
  3. Staff crits now correctly replenish Energy.
  4. Traps can no longer be spawned under enemies.
  5. Traps can no longer spawn in boss rooms.
  6. Fixed the bug with mobs leaving their collision behind after going to another zone.
  7. Fixed the bug with mobs leaving dungeons to chase the player.
  8. Mobs now correctly travel between dungeon floors.
  9. Enemies no longer use "Mark of the Feast" on themselves.
  10. Fixed crashes caused by Inferno, Ring of Fire, and Fire Barrage.
  11. Added an additional condition for the Task of acquiring falchions and cleavers: the smith will no longer accept cursed swords.
  12. Fixed the food spoilage in merchants’ inventories.
  13. Fixed the bug with Distracting Shot.
  14. Fixed the bug with lighting up fires.
  15. Fixed the bug with Distracting shot not dealing damage.
  16. Fixed the bug with Experience Points not being granted when mobs bleed out outside of Vision range.
  17. Fixed the bug with repeating reputation gain for completing three contracts.
  18. Fixed the map activation during dialogues.
  19. Fixed Brigand Warlocks appearing behind their targets after using a dash.
  20. Removed the possibility of luring the Ancient Troll away from its location.
  21. Fixed the bug which had been adding cooldowns to zero cooldown abilities.
  22. Fixed lightning strikes in villages.
  23. Fixed the incorrect collision disappearance in certain scenarios.
  24. Fixed dungeons not resetting upon generation of new contracts.
  25. Fixed the bug with Proselyte Tormentor’s ability, which had been causing him to apply Stun and Knockback with every strike.
  26. Fixed a number of bugs caused by animals moving to other zones.
  27. Fixed the crash caused by opening a container outside of camera view.
  28. Removed the possibility of leveling "Excess Heat" twice.
  29. Removed the possibility of performing Counterattacks and Attacks of Opportunity with a bow.
  30. Fixed the bug with archers recovering from their injuries after switching to melee.
  31. Fixed the bug with the Troll not using "Shockwave" in melee range.
  32. Fixed food items being placed underneath other items in the inventory upon spoiling.
  33. Fixed the crash caused by being forced to drop an open quiver.
  34. Fixed the bug causing the loss of control over the character upon removing a consumable from hands.
  35. Fixed the bug allowing to receive both Stun and Daze.
  36. Fixed the camera return when trading and the movement restriction when opening containers.
  37. Added a restriction for resting while there are retreating enemies within Vision.
  38. Fixed the incorrect reset of modifiers’ duration time.
  39. Fixed camera bugs.
  40. Fixed NPC collisions.
  41. Fixed the bug allowing opening doors without spending a turn.
  42. Fixed the bug with lock-picking not spending a turn if it fails.
  43. Removed the possibility of moving the camera while the trade or container menus are open.
  44. Fixed a number of AI bugs.
  45. Fixed the crash caused by a golem being summoned after the caster’s death.
  46. Fixed the crash during a delayed attack.
  47. Fixed the collision bug in hallways.
  48. Fixed effects’ duration for consuming acorns.


  1. Added an animation for dropping coins.
  2. Removed outlines during animations.
  3. Improvements to the lighting system.
  4. Fixed visual bugs with Bastion rubble.
  5. The Mancatcher’s net no longer glows.


  1. Fixed aggroing sounds.
  2. Fixed the disappearing Troll step sound.
  3. Added a sound effect for the Curse of Loudmouth.


  1. Villagers received new speech lines for different reputation levels.
  2. Added a log message for switching ammo types.
  3. Added a log message for learning an unidentified potion’s effect by drinking it.
  4. Numerous fixes across all localizations.