Update January 8, 2021

  1. The character no longer gets wet in the rain if staying under a tree.
  2. Fixed the duration of "Defensive Tactic".
  3. Fixed "Mighty Kick" not applying Stagger when failing to knock its target back.
  4. Fixed crashes caused by throwing certain items.
  5. Fixed "Taking Aim" not working with crossbows.
  6. Reputation bonuses which increase traders’ stock no longer apply to the trapper and the scribe.
  7. Removed an excess folder in the trapper’s trade menu.
  8. Fixed the crash caused by dying to an unsuccessfully disarmed trap.
  9. "Blow After Blow" no longer triggers from destroying props.
  10. Fixed enemies spawning outside of the Abbey’s walls.
  11. Changed the on-hit algorithm: Fumble Chance is now given a priority over Crit Chance.
  12. "Grave Chill" now puts abilities on a 1-4 turns Cooldown instead of a 5 turns one.
  13. Fixed the incorrect duration of the effect of Al’qud.
  14. Changed priorities for enemies’ consumable usage.
  15. Fixed the automatic turn skip upon entering a new location.
  16. Added "Skinning" to the ability bar.
  17. Map tiles with points of interest now follow the same weather rules as the rest of the world.
  18. Coughing now correctly reduces Energy by 10 points, not 10%.
  19. Fixed trajectories for chopped heads.
  20. Birds no longer scare each other when taking off.
  21. "Determination" no longer hits the Troll multiple times.
  22. Fixed "Arc Cleave" replenishing an incorrect amount of Energy.
  23. Fixed "Onslaught" burning an incorrect amount of Energy.
  24. Runic boulders now generate less noise upon being raised.
  25. Fixed "Taste of Victory" not replenishing Energy.
  26. "Defensive Tactic" no longer grants an extra stack to stances when using a spell.
  27. "Feast of Steel" now grants Crit Chance instead of Stagger Chance, as stated in its description.
  28. Fixed some enemies getting multiple Pain debuffs simultaneously.
  29. Fixed saigas not dropping any meat when skinned.
  30. The undead and wraith enemies can no longer be put in Coma.
  31. Mushrooms can now spoil.
  32. Fixed the crash caused by "Hunter’s Mark".
  33. Fixed the character moving into a tile with a trap right after setting it up.
  34. Log messages about enemies getting the Pain debuff no longer appear while they are hidden in the fog of war.
  35. Fixed the missing sprite for the damaged Visored Bascinet.
  36. Multiple fixes to enemy search algorithms.
  37. Numerous text fixes.