Update January 19, 2021

  1. Fixed enemies opening quest doors.
  2. Fixed an issue in the algorithm for alarm accumulation from noise (enemies no longer react to it as fast as they used to).
  3. Multiple changes to some enemy abilities’ usage algorithms.
  4. Fixed Daze Chance from "Earthquake" not taking Control Resistance into account.
  5. Fixed "Elusiveness" not working against enemy skills.
  6. Fixed the Experience exploit with disarming claw traps.
  7. Fixed AoE zones applying their effects to the Troll multiple times per turn.
  8. Fixed the incorrect information on associated Attributes in new stances’ descriptions.
  9. Fixed Injuries persisting after sleeping even if body parts are not damaged.
  10. Fixed the Troll being able to attack while being affected by both Burning and Regeneration.
  11. Fixed "Right on Target" not working with new skill trees’ abilities.
  12. Fixed "Danse Macabre" not reducing enemies’ stats.
  13. Fixed "Coup de Grace" dealing incorrect damage.
  14. "Tormenting Swings" now only triggers on critical hits, as stated in its description.
  15. Fixed the incorrect base value of Armor Penetration (was -5% instead of 0%).
  16. Fixed certain stats being calculated incorrectly while dual wielding.
  17. Fixed the inability of switching to another Tactic while low on Energy.
  18. Fixed the log message for enemies disarming traps.
  19. Fixed the log message for gathering berries.
  20. The effects of "Stagger" are now twice as weak. Its maximum duration is now 1 turn.
  21. Shouting now generates less noise.
  22. Reduced some of the Troll’s resistances and Knockback Chance, increased its Health.
  23. Increased the chance of disarming claw traps.
  24. The Restless and Ghasts now have 100% Bleed Resistance.
  25. Reduced damage from weapon throwing by 25%.
  26. Enemy archers now drop their melee weapons on death.
  27. Added Ranged Weapons treatises to Unar the Scribe’s stock.
  28. Throwing now generates less noise.
  29. Landing an arrow near enemies now raises their alarm level.
  30. Resurrected enemies can no longer be seen through the fog of war.
  31. Enemies can now also miss when using "Fire Barrage".
  32. Enemies can no longer retreat while Immobilized.
  33. Wraiths now become aggressive on the same turn as they appear from their sarcophagus.
  34. Enemies will no longer cast "Sacrificial Blood" on themselves.
  35. Using medical consumables now stops the character’s movement.
  36. Fixed the Beastslayer’s corpse sprite being displayed incorrectly.
  37. Fixed grip visuals for some axes.
  38. Numerous visual fixes.
  39. Numerous text fixes.