Update February 6, 2021

  1. The Black Boar tavern was decorated in celebration of the anniversary.
  2. You can now get a free pie from Brukk.

Changed the troll rewards

  1. Increased the gold reward up to 10 000 crowns.
  2. Most item rewards were changed: Weber will now give more expensive and higher level items.
  3. Added an option to ask for a crossbow, a spear, a two-handed axe, or a two-handed mace.
  4. Increased the loot quality in secret room containers. Some of them are now guaranteed to have unique items.
  5. Vases as well as both common and wealthy sarcophaguses now contain less valuable loot.
  6. Temporarily removed unpopular or useless effects (such as resistances to rare damage types) from the list of possible enchantments.

Changed the power of some enchantment effects

  1. Bleed Chance, Damage Reflection: +5% > +7.5%.
  2. Fire, Unholy, Move, Control, and Bleed Resistances: +5% > +10%.
  3. Armor Damage: +25% > +33%.
  4. Crit Efficiency: +20% > +25%.
  5. Spells and Skills Energy Costs, Cooldowns Duration: -10% > -7.5%.
  6. With certain exceptions, equipment higher than level 10 can no longer be found in graves. Drop rates for the rest of the valuable loot were increased.
  7. [Counterattack Mastery] No longer grants Off-Hand Efficiency if the main hand holds a shield.
  8. Decreased the base level range for the equipment sold by merchants.
  9. Fixed the Skeleton Crossbowman, which was technically armed with a bow.
  10. Defensive Stance now works as described.
  11. Skinning a dog now yields a pelt of the correct color.
  12. Fixed the bug preventing unlocked skills from being saved.
  13. Fixed the bug with the Sigil of Darkness disappearing prematurely.
  14. Fixed animals not displaying a visual indicator when entering a territorial state after being shot at.