Update November 19, 2021

  1. Brynn elves no longer tell rumors.
  2. Reduced the number of enemies in Necromancers’ rooms.
  3. Low tier Necromancers are now accompanied by the Restless instead of Skeletons.
  4. Fixed reputation changes from contracts not being displayed in the Reputation menu.
  5. Fixed the issue with the missing ships in Brynn.
  6. Fixed the missing location name hover of the Lone Farmstead.
  7. Fixed sound issues near rivers.
  8. Added the missing journal entries for "Gathering the Caravan" and "Fate of the Brewery" quests.
  9. Slightly reduced the amount of herbs encountered on the map.
  10. Fixed "Blood Craze" granting incorrect bonus to damage.
  11. Fixed strange NPC behavior in settlements.
  12. Fixed incorrect ranged combat log entries.
  13. Fixed the bug preventing the use of "Double Lunge".
  14. Fixed the crash caused by "Forceful Slam".
  15. Fixed wolves never dropping pelts when skinned.
  16. Fixed the crash caused by the dialogue about key Mannshire NPCs.
  17. Fixed Jonna’s unique trait reapplying its bonus once more upon loading a save.
  18. Fixed rescue contracts not functioning properly.
  19. The state of the jail room now resets after you serve your time.
  20. Fixed the issue with overly powerful enemies spawning on map tiles and during ambushes.
  21. Reduced the size of wolf packs.