Update November 20, 2021

  1. Fixed the inability to interact with the nightstand on the second floor of the brewery.
  2. Fixed the layering issue of fences and wheat near the mill.
  3. Fixed the lack of footstep sounds when walking over bridges.
  4. Fixed the bug with enemies not spawning on river map tiles.
  5. Fixed the Abandoned Homestead crash.
  6. Fixed the Homestead crash.
  7. Fixed dungeons retaining their structure upon respawning.
  8. Fixed the incorrect sounds on map tiles with river bends.
  9. The first two tiers of Hunger and Thirst effects have a lower influence on morale (0.05 and 0.1 > 0.01 and 0.05).
  10. Fixed the missing price of Nikos of Arpheon’s Astrolabe (doesn’t affect already acquired artefacts).
  11. Fixed the incorrect duration of Hazzun Celestial Sphere’s daytime buffs.
  12. Disabled the option to learn rumors from secondary NPCs in Brynn.
  13. Added an option to catch leeches in deep water.
  14. Containers in the witch’s hut now have an owner and are marked red.
  15. Increased shields’ Durability (doesn’t affect already saved items).
  16. Fixed the bug with brewery NPCs having merchants’ inventories.
  17. Fixed the bug with "Drunkenness" affecting main Attributes.
  18. Fixed the bug causing Fumble Chance and Armor Penetration to not be affected by leveling Agility and Perception respectively.
  19. Fixed the cutscene at the brewery.
  20. Added an option to rent a room in the Rotten Willow Tavern and Ralph & Sons Inn.
  21. Fixed the crash caused by "Boulder Toss".
  22. Fixed the inability to harvest Harpies and Crawlers.
  23. Kromm now gives a correct reward upon completing the quest.
  24. The duration of "Wetness" now has an upper threshold.
  25. Changed reputation perks (Better Gear I and II now increase the maximum level of sold items by 4 and 6 respectively).
  26. Fixed the crash caused by opening certain containers.
  27. Fixed crimes not being registered in some of the Brynn quarters.
  28. Fixed the missing sound of the Troll’s "Deafening Roar".
  29. Increased the base Accuracy bonus of "Taking Aim" by 10%.