Update November 23, 2021

  1. Added lake locations.
  2. Fixed "Regenerative Carapace" increasing the player character’s Resistances.
  3. After the Troll is dead, the Signal Tower will be repopulated by a new garrison.
  4. Fixed the condition check for dual wielding, the issue with which occasionally prevented Dual Wielding skills from working.
  5. Fixed the Block Chance formula for enemies.
  6. Fixed incorrect Attribute requirements for Two-Handed Sword skills.
  7. Added location name pop-ups to Brynn quarters.
  8. Added location name pop-ups to Osbrook and Mannshire.
  9. Fixed memory leaks.
  10. Fixed the Ancient Troll not dropping tusks upon being skinned.
  11. Fixed the crash in the Abandoned Siege Camp.
  12. Fixed glitches in the Mannshire tavern hostess’ behavior.
  13. Fixed the inability to enter the newly-added Brynn tavern on some old saves.
  14. Final fix to the locked door bug caused by saving the game in the Ruined Manor.
  15. Re-added the Ruined Manor ambush.