Update November 24, 2021


  1. Added the Pawnshop to Brynn. You’ll be able to find it in the Old Towers quarter (northeastern part of the city).
  2. Added 2 new capes: Velvet Cloak and Jibean Cape.
  3. Added 3 new glove variations: Sapphire Mage Bracers, Ruby Mage Bracers, Orient Bracers.
  4. Added 3 new items: Morion, King’s Bust, Peach.
  5. Added several secondary NPCs to the Old Towers quarter.
  6. Maybe you should pay a visit to the Rotten Willow Inn?


  1. Increased the elven merchant’s stock.
  2. Mill containers are now considered private.
  3. Fixed "Battle Trance" bonus effect not giving Energy.
  4. Fixed "Push the Falling" granting Weapon Damage instead of Crit Chance.
  5. Innkeeper, his wife and their maidservant now have fixed names.
  6. Fixed doors collisions.
  7. Container sprites are now properly saved.
  8. Secondary Brynn NPCs no longer trade.
  9. Fixed wrong shooting collisions in one of the Bastion overworld presets.
  10. Brynn guards now use correct stats and skill sets (this change won’t affect old saves).
  11. Fixed the Proselyte Guard not dropping his dagger in the Prologue.
  12. Fixed the crash caused by attacking birds.