Update December 16, 2021


  1. Fully implemented the Guild Quarter of Brynn. There you’ll be able to find:
  2. Blacksmithing, leatherworking, and carpentry workshops.
  3. Jewelry workshop.
  4. The Three Pots Tavern.
  5. Added a number of secondary NPCs to Brynn and animations to the already existing NPCs.
  6. Added Barrels of Beer - the first commodity item in the game.
  7. Added 4 new two-handed swords, one of them is also unique: Veteran Longsword, Lordly Longsword, Espadon, Ornate Two-Hander.


  1. Tweaked the economy. Fully revamped buying and selling prices in different settlements. Increased restocking times for most NPCs.
  2. Tweaked weapons’ stats and levels to better suit the new damage system and the updated economy. These changes WON’T AFFECT already saved items.
  3. Tweaked the amount of Experience awarded for killing most enemy types.
  4. Changed Resistances for Wraiths, the Undead, and chitinous enemy types.
  5. Rebalanced some enchantments. Removed the Damage Reflection enchantment.
  6. Added an expiration mechanic to Deathstinger Jars.
  7. All Proselytes in distant dungeons now have a "Crimson Gift" passive that will boost their power until high tier Proselytes are fully implemented.
  8. Giant Rats and Bats no longer spawn in distant Proselyte dungeons.
  9. Changed Resistances for stone objects.
  10. Reduced Stone Boulders’ Durability.
  11. Increased Reputation gain from fulfilled tasks.
  12. Greatly increased Experience gain from destroying nests, hives, and burrows.
  13. Destroyed Deathstinger Hives have a chance to drop Hornet Honey. Destroyed Harpy Nests sometimes drop jewelry and gems collected by their previous inhabitants.
  14. Reduced Cooldown Reduction for "Double Lunge" upon landing a hit or killing an enemy. Removed the skill’s hidden Accuracy bonus.
  15. "Danse Macabre" now reduces Resistances to a lesser degree.
  16. Greatly reduced the chance for enemies to drop treatises.
  17. Rebalanced weapon drops on enemy death.
  18. "Daze" now applies a small debuff to Accuracy and Fumble Chance.
  19. All Injuries now reduce Healing Efficiency.
  20. Changed the Witch’s Hut loot.
  21. Greatly increased the variety of unique items that can be found in secret rooms and distant dungeons.
  22. Changed rewards for killing the Troll: all items now have roughly the same power level and for the most part can’t be acquired from other sources.


  1. Tweaked enemy spawns in dungeons.
  2. Re-added the option to trade with most Brynn NPCs.
  3. Re-added Physical Resistance to armored enemies.
  4. Fixed snakes not spawning on the surface.
  5. Fixed passive effects not working as intended when moving to a new location.
  6. Synchronized the Herald’s animations with his speech lines.
  7. Added routes to some secondary NPCs in Brynn.
  8. The Brynn hover on the global map now also shows the names of its quarters.
  9. Fixed Kromm’s stock: he no longer trades in high level items.
  10. Fixed the inability to take a cart to Osbrook from the Brewery.
  11. Nests and hives can no longer be injured.
  12. Fixed Skeleton Minibosses not dropping weapons on death.
  13. The Heraldic Note now also grants Brynn reputation.
  14. Fixed quest items getting unequipped upon failing an associated contract.
  15. The quest marker now leads to the correct quarter of the city when closing Brynn contracts (this fix doesn’t affect ongoing contracts).
  16. Added an option to eat Hop Cones.
  17. "Push the Falling" now replenishes Energy instead of Health.
  18. Reputation changes from tasks and dialogue lines are now correctly displayed in the Reputation log.
  19. Fixed misses being incorrectly displayed in the log (they used to be displayed as dodging a fumbled attack).
  20. Fixed vegetation objects spawning on top of one another.
  21. The Experience bar now becomes inactive upon reaching level 30.
  22. Fixed hives getting displaced when destroyed.
  23. Fixed most traders’ stock not working as intended.
  24. Fixed the incorrect tier of "Stance Training" and "Final Push".
  25. Fixed the damage penalty of "Hooking Chop" increasing with higher Strength.
  26. Fixed Brynn elves being assigned an incorrect NPC type.
  27. Brynn elves will now fight back when attacked.
  28. Drinking from a well now reduces the same amount of thirst as drinking from a waterskin.
  29. Fixed "Danse Macabre" not granting Dodge Chance.
  30. Fixed some high tier skeletons lacking weapon abilities and dropping incorrect weapons on death.