Update February 17, 2020


  1. Added different colored backdrops to items in the inventory based on their quality.
  2. Fixed the simultaneous generation of two copies of the same contract.
  3. Added an option to highlight containers by pressing ALT.
  4. Due to the popular demand, fog of war is now more transparent and should be easier on the eyes when moving through the forest.
  5. Restored the autopathing when clicking on unexplored tiles.
  6. Cauldrons in taverns can now be used for cooking.


  1. Added some of the missing animations and timetables for the denizens of Mannshire.
  2. Numerous visual fixes.


  1. Fog of war now applies to the location with the Abbey in Adventure mode.
  2. Fixed the trajectory for arrows and other projectiles (such as fire bolts and melting rays) when shooting at objects of the scenery.
  3. Fixed the bug with rings becoming unequipped when loading the game.
  4. Fixed "Retaliation" triggering on ranged attacks.
  5. Fixed the behaviour of fog of war when using "Distracting Shot".
  6. Fixed the game freezing in certain situations when using "Onslaught".
  7. Fixed the crash and the following issues with dungeons’ names when switching the game’s language after the start of the game.
  8. Mannshire’s Innkeeper now buys tableware and pays more for alcohol as well.


  1. Reworked stances - their maximum number of stacks was increased to 6, and the bonuses were reduced to facilitate more gradual scaling. When the corresponding chances proc, the duration of stances increases, but the number of stacks gets reduced. The starting duration for stances is increased to 6.
  2. Stone spikes’ duration has been reduced to 8 turns.


  1. Added lots of new sounds.
  2. Added voice-over for starting dialogue.