Update November 24, 2021


  1. Added Minamoto no Yoritomo AI Lord.
  2. Added 3 new Skirmish maps.
  3. Forest Clearing - Rival lords peer through the thick trees to see the clearing in front of them, only to discover the dangers they must prepare for.
  4. Winding Path - Three lords battle to hold strategic positions. Who will make the right calls at the right times and emerge victorious?
  5. Open Borders - Each Lord will need to build their castle well, as the lack of hard borders will require a fully fortified defense. Two Lords sit above the other four, but fate will decide if this is an advantage or not.
  6. Added option to Have ’No Warlord’ in Skirmish/Multiplayer games.
  7. Click on a Warlord on the minimap and select the ’No Warlord’ option to not spawn a Warlord in that estate.
  8. Added Custom Troop limit in Skirmish lobby.
  9. In Advanced Options, users can now select a total troop limit of 500, 600, 800 or 1000.

General Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where a Warlord relief force could cause a crash in specific circumstances.
  2. Fixed Spirit tooltips to report information in a more understandable manner.
  3. Prevented Ninjas displacing each other when climbing up or down walls.
  4. Improved Laddermen groups’ wall edge selection and distribution when docking. They can now be commanded to dock along walls even if individual segments of wall are broken.
  5. Fixed a crash relating to tunnel components tracked by paths.
  6. Changed lantern particles to be more lightweight/performant.

AI Changes

  1. Fixed a bug with AI clans which could cause them to move very far around obstacles to reach a target.
  2. Reduced the distance AI clans are willing to walk around obstacles to reach a target, so they are less prone to winding through maze-like castles.
  3. AI melee troops are now much harder to distract when attacking walls.
  4. AI melee troops are less susceptible to being drawn a long way off their intended target by kiting enemy troops.
  5. Skirmish AI will now sell surplus gunpowder and build more gunpowder workshops.
  6. Stopped AI ninjas from attacking walls.
  7. Stopped AI laddermen from attempting to dock at walls which already have a ladder on them.
  8. Fixed an issue where AI would delete all wood camps once a single woodcutter could not find a tree to cut down, even if there were other trees still available.
  9. Fixed a bug where ninja invasions could get stuck near their formup target.
  10. Fixed a bug that could prevent AI Gatehouses being placed if they were right on the edge of the estate.
  11. Fixed an issue where AI would not place new mines/quarries/ox tethers when they ran out of space for other buildings.
  12. Improved the pathing of AI armies travelling long distances, making siege weapons in particular less susceptible to falling behind the rest of the army.

Map Editor

  1. Warlords can now be set to level 6 in the map editor.