Update October 12, 2021


  1. Added new Skirmish Trail, ’The Trail of the Tactician’.
  2. Added 3 Classic Skirmish maps, recreated from Stronghold Crusader.
  3. The River - A mighty river courses through the desert on The River, attracting many who would wish to control its bounty.
  4. Tyre - Venture too far south on this map and you may get your fingers burnt!
  5. Border Patrol - This is a four-player map with a large border stopping each player moving troops over to the other side. The access point is through the center of this border and if a player manages to patrol the center they will be able to control the game.
  6. Added new unit, the Thunderbomb Thrower.
  7. A lightly armoured unit that throws explosive bombs, setting fire to troops, land and buildings caught in its blast radius.
  8. Added new Warlord, the Wolf Warlord.
  9. The Wolf specialises in heavy weaponry, providing cheap siege equipment to his allies. He attacks with ferocity, using strong armies to overwhelm his enemies and builds a heavily fortified castle to form a well defended lair on the battlefield.

Balance Changes - All Game Modes

  1. Gunpowder workshop worker dropoff: 1 > 4.
  2. Gunpowder buy/sell: 40/80 for 5 > 30/60 for 5.
  3. Saltpetre buy/sell: 20/40 for 10 > 30/120 for 10.
  4. Reduced the speed of crossbowmen bolts from 85 to 80.
  5. Fire lancers that are standing on keep stairs can no longer fire at enemies standing on the keep roof.
  6. Actors which are knocked straight down (e.g. by a monk attack or samurai charge) now stay on the ground for just 0.8 seconds, down from 2 seconds.

Balance Changes - Skirmish/Multiplayer Only

  1. Increased fire armour from 2.0 to 0.5x for imperial guardsmen, imp warrior, imp cavalry, imp bannerman, general, samurai.
  2. Increased gunpowder cost for fire oxen from 1 to 2.
  3. Increased warrior monk cost from 30 to 40 gold.
  4. Increased hoarding health by 50%.
  5. Increased rice given for starting food settings:
  6. Very Low: 50 -> 75.
  7. Low: 50 -> 100.
  8. Medium: 100 -> 150.

Multithreaded Optimisations

  1. Moved the bulk of troop pathfinding and formation movement calculations from the main thread to a secondary pathfinding thread. This permits these calculations to be done during the rendering phase, smoothing out a major source of stalled frames in large games, and generally improving frame rates.
  2. Moved troop displacement and pushing logic to the pathfinding thread, speeding up all game logic frames, especially with many active troops.
  3. General Fixes.
  4. Fixes for desyncs that could happen during saving in Multiplayer games.
  5. Fixed AI castle building getting stuck when trying to place turrets.
  6. Fixed bug where the cursor suggested arrow carts could attack buildings.
  7. Stopped players from being able to type in the name of the Skirmish Trail.
  8. Fixes for selecting engine towers.
  9. Walls built on unpathable tiles now show a barricade on top of the wall.
  10. Ninjas now decloak when in range of enemy tigers.
  11. Fix for some range units being able to continue to firing at targets that had left their effective range.
  12. Siege weapons can no longer spawn from the siege camp on tiles with walls on them.
  13. Melee troops can no longer be ordered to attack arrow turrets.
  14. Fire lancers now stop attacking when their target goes out of range, instead of attacking but doing no damage.
  15. Fixed siege weapons and ranged units not attacking turrets when ordered to attack them from out of range.
  16. Healthbars now appear over hoardings and turrets when they are damaged.

Map Editor

  1. Re-added the ’Purge Entities at Origin’ command to the Map Editor.
  2. Field Hospitals can now be placed in the Map Editor.