Update October 6, 2020



  1. Save game improvements and logging.
  2. Performance and lots of under-the-hood improvements.
  3. Improved world streaming: You should no longer be able to outrun terrain or fall through the world in a PRAWN suit.
  4. Incremental garbage collection added to help smooth out framerate.
  5. Hardcore mode: Low oxygen will no longer warn you.
  6. Added ability to switch users from main menu.
  7. Rocket platform physics issues addressed.


  1. Fixed Lifepod ping not staying disabled on game load.
  2. Fixed base pillar bug.
  3. Fixed PRAWN suit stuck in air if built far away.
  4. Fixed quality issue with clouds.
  5. Fixed in-game status messages position to work with all languages.
  6. Fixed in-game menu disappearing after submitting feedback.