Update April 10, 2021

New Features

  1. Added version to the Main Menu.
  2. Added ability to toggle between 4K and HD videos to avoid cutscene stuttering on some machines.
  3. Added ability to change AA methods.
  4. Added real-time shadows to Grid Combat Characters on Epic Settings.
  5. Added locks to locked Nebulae.
  6. Added call out when players have new trophies.

Bug Fixes

  1. Improved loading times.
  2. Fixed bug where Tibold’s fight would lock if he was killed before all of the waves were deployed.
  3. Fixed bug where Tauri had a predefined loadout.
  4. Tweaked Lily’s and Killi’s toe weights.
  5. Fixed MC Bridge graphical glitches on low graphical settings.
  6. Optimized characters for MC rooms for faster loading.
  7. Optimized Hangar and Bar levels and sub-levels for faster loading.
  8. Fixed PANDORA animation desync glitch.
  9. Fixed issue where dialogue autoplay kept getting disabled by the forward button.
  10. Fixed issue where opening the dialogue log and pressing forward or autoplay would kill the UI.
  11. Fixed issue where being in the dialogue log while autoplay is supposed to trigger neither disables autoplay, nor continues the dialogue; now it continues dialogue when closing log.
  12. Fixed Lily Recruitment Premium PANDORA scene crash.
  13. Fixed DEMI not having eyes in the Bridge room.
  14. Fixed Typo in Zanderson dialogue line.
  15. Fixed typo in item description.
  16. Fixed Typo in Grid Combat detail panel description.
  17. Fixed Captain’s skin tone not changing in KilliAfter1.
  18. Disabled bloom and shadows on lowest settings.
  19. Unpackaged videos from main content file to reduce cutscene reading times.
  20. Fixed bug where one of Killi’s treasure hunt speeches would disappear, causing the game to appear soft locked.
  21. Fixed issue where characters couldn’t be targetted when on the bottom of the screen.
  22. Fixed issue where Waifus would appear to level up indefinetly during the loot screen.
  23. Fixed issue where PANDORA and Quest Log tutorials’ dialogue window could not be clicked causing it to appear soft locked.
  24. Fixed issue where Grid Combat player characters could move twice if they waited.
  25. Improved way Key Bindings work.
  26. Increased size of some UI elements to improve readibility.
  27. Fixed issue where mission cards were updated before missions would start.