Update October 20, 2021

New Features

  1. Added Elaisha’s main quest story block. (Includes new mantics, new navigation area, more missions including level 2 difficulty scenarios, the Kloi enemy faction and more PANDORA scenes).
  2. Added 3 Strike Rule (If a player fails a mission or checkpoint 3 times, they will be provided the option to skip the mission).
  3. Added option to enable "Use Background Images" under the graphics tab during dialogue sequences to assist with performance.
  4. Added some camera movement and zooming control options to PANDORA scenes.
  5. Added PANDORA scene descriptions.
  6. Added Archives so that users can replay previous dialogue story sequences from the Captain’s Quarters.
  7. Added Zanderson Dooper TV Segments. These can be listened to by clicking on the screens found in the Laboratory or Engineering room onboard the Mary Celeste.
  8. Added directional damage to Grid Combat.
  9. Added additional environmental hazards (exploding barrels) to Grid Combat.
  10. Added persistent radial HUD to Space Combat under gameplay control settings.
  11. Added Elaisha Sorn to the Gallery mode.


  1. Updated the recruitment scene "Skip" button to read "Exit Scene" instead.
  2. Update to UI that provides more information on what Tier Mission/Event is available after interacting with an anomaly. 3 small tabs will be visible above the planet name label. Current scheme: green tab = tier completed, yellow tab = available, black tab = not available.
  3. Changed "planets scanned" to "anomalies scanned" in Navigation.
  4. Included resources UI to Navigation Screen.
  5. Characters now display their level on the character select screen.
  6. Added a pulsing glow to the "skip" prompt to help notify players.
  7. Updated autoplay button in PANDORA to highlight when enabled.
  8. Updated recruitment scene "Skip" button to read "Exit Scene" instead.
  9. Changed the "Continue" button’s label to "Skip" to avoid confusion during recruitment scenes.
  10. Updated recruitment scenes "Next" button to read "Play Scene" and once scene completes, it will read "Replay Scene".
  11. Removed autoplay button during idle pose when transitioning to recruitment scenes from a dialogue section.
  12. Updated PANDORA cards to display large when hovered.
  13. Updated PANDORA card art, which includes scene descriptions.
  14. Added additional PANDORA categories, Tentacles & FUTA.
  15. Relocated where the pooter points are displayed on the PANDORA card selection screen.
  16. Optimized PANDORA light shaft material.
  17. Slight buff to Lily’s sniper in Space Combat.
  18. Increased Keisterstations Health in Space Combat.
  19. Added descriptions for waifu Space Combat weapons and stats to character selection screen.
  20. Created a Gallery input tab within the control’s settings menu.
  21. Various buffs to friendly melee character’s HP in grid combat.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue where PANDORA autoplay would carryover between selecting different scenes.
  2. Fixed issue where text sizes on end screen resources would adjust size if skip was pressed.
  3. Fixed issue where waifu stats were showing up in the locker room before unlocked.
  4. Fixed issue with table hover on board Mary Celeste in the bar area.
  5. Fixed soft lock issue involving Peter Penetrator in Grid Combat.
  6. Fixed issue where Killi could be countered by ranged units in Grid Combat.
  7. Fixed issue when targeting near an ally character could cause a crash in Grid Combat.
  8. Fixed issue where melee type enemies would move around the map instead of rushing when too far away from the target in Grid Combat.
  9. Fixed issue where if an enemy character moved to a cell containing health drops could cause them to disappear in Grid Combat.
  10. Fixed issue where pickups could be picked up by enemies if they were deployed during the player’s turn in Grid Combat.
  11. Fixed several typos throughout CODEX and navigation system.
  12. Fixed issue where Gallery album in Captains Quarters wall could be clicked post clicking another interactable in the room even if the Gallery tutorial was not completed.
  13. Fixed issue where the last cinematic frame played could be seen on the next cinematic playing on start.
  14. Fixed issue where zoom animation can be spammed by pressing left click when returning to the jump-gate in Navigation.
  15. Fixed issue where an enemy character could move to an out of bounds tile on Tauri’s Crown Grid Combat mission.
  16. Fixed issue where attacks that stun still get countered.
  17. Fixed issue where tutorial info box shows Dromstik as ranged energy in Grid Combat.
  18. Fixed issue where opening the conversation log as a video begins playing causes the UI to disappear.
  19. Fixed issue when clicking "Next" on recruitment scenes would not update name to "Recruitment" unless button was clicked again.
  20. Fixed issue where windows scaling arrow displayed instead of Subverse mouse arrow when using the cum slider.
  21. Fixed issue where text size on mission complete screen would be inconsistent when skipping.
  22. Fixed various issues with skipping and fast-forwarding in the dialogue system.