Update April 19, 2021


  1. Added an autosave option. By default every 30 minutes, customizable in the options.
  2. Spray cans don’t have an infinite amount of paint anymore.
  3. Smoother brushes rotation (especially noticeable for large brushes).
  4. Some brushes can now do some side movements without rotating (mostly for large brushes).
  5. Other minor changes.


  1. Fixed the painted textures would not be saved for some players having their Shader Model < 5.0.
  2. Fixed some items could prevent the split doors from closing when they shouldn’t actually block them.
  3. Fixed taking a hot spray can in hand would cause the preview of the can (in inventory) not to update properly.
  4. Fixed couldn’t bind the inventory slot 10 in the game’s settings.
  5. Other minor fixes.