Update May 11, 2021

Additions and changes

  1. Added Japanese.
  2. Added 10 more save slots.
  3. Added VSync option to the LimitFPS game option.
  4. Hightech easel now has a button to reset rotations.
  5. Minor rendering improvements for some brushes’ head.
  6. Adjusted cursor speed in menus.
  7. Adjusted movement and rotation forces of the objects being grabbed and moved by the player.


  1. Much less buggy bobblehead physics.
  2. Fixed stencils could prevent paint from drying, even after being detached.
  3. Fixed some tools FXs (such as the smoke after using the blowtorch) would suddenly disappear if the player switched for another tool.
  4. Snapping objects (such as a canvas on an easel) should now be better at finding the closest angle.
  5. Player now always properly recovered if glitched out of the studio.
  6. Fixed the head of the standard brush could sometimes become invisible.
  7. Fixed couldn’t use a gamepad in the main menu (after game launch) without having at least one mouse click first.
  8. Fixed stencils clipping when overlapping.
  9. Fixed could send 2 paintings for the same commission by using both terminals at the same time.
  10. Fixed using the simple ’Save’ button would unpause the game while still having the menu overlay opened.

Update #2

  1. Fixed some saves would not load properly after the last update.