Update July 20, 2021

General fixes

  1. Fixed the in-game time would stop to run properly in late game, most noticeably preventing to get new commissions.
  2. Fixed buggy delivery room shelves.
  3. Fixed could see through walls on some specific parts of the broom closet.
  4. Fixed PetBot could sometimes open its eyes while being turned off.
  5. Now preventing to use tape on the bobblehead body.
  6. Fixed items placed in the drawer (shop furniture) could continue to move according to the drawer even after being placed somewhere else.
  7. Fixed could throw paintings behind the gallery storage racks.
  8. Fixed the virtual landscapes terminal could appear on top of some other transparent items.
  9. Fixed typing text for gallery signs while having the streamer mode enabled could open the streamer mode menu.
  10. Fixed two brushes could slightly go though other items.

Text and localization

  1. Fixed some localization and text issues.
  2. New game selection: now indicating that achievements are disabled in Fast-Forward and Creative modes (not visible for all languages yet).
  3. Updated some texts to reflect the recent save backup changes, in case of an invalid save data.
  4. Updated some parts of the game credits.