Update September 2, 2021

4 new tools for additional texturing effects

  1. A foam brush.
  2. A feathered brush.
  3. A scattered brush.
  4. A new kind of painting knife.

3 new precise brushes

  1. A super-thin brush.
  2. A thin flat brush.
  3. A fine blender.

A fancy flying tool shelf

  1. A new commission... and a new unique reward?
  2. It is said that Koki is out there looking for you again. What could he possibly have to offer this time?

Mop and sponge rework

  1. The sponge and mop have been reworked. Wet, they will clean. Dry, they will paint. And don’t forget to randomly squeeze the sponge, because it feels good.

Other tools reworks and additions

  1. Reworked roll brush and fan brush paint textures. The fan brush is now more suitable as a texturing tool.
  2. More brushes rotations. Many tools have been added extra rotations, especially at 45°.
  3. Added a new, smaller, tape width to the tape tool.
  4. The standard (pointy) brushes now have cleaner strokes.

Other changes you shouldn’t miss

  1. Paint now takes twice as much time to dry naturally.
  2. You can now directly attach the tool you have in hand to a tool holder by activating it.
  3. You can now deselect a tool you have in hand by pressing its assigned key again.
  4. Brazier will now do proper fire damage. Get those spray cans ready.

Changes you don’t care much about

  1. When a brush collides with something, the minimum required speed to leave a splash of paint is now a little bit higher.
  2. Updated the shop icon of a brush.
  3. Added a visual indicator when holding a stencil in the wrong direction.

Boring fixes

  1. Fixed a rare bug that could erase painted surfaces on load.
  2. Fixed some achievements progress could get reset.
  3. Fixed an issue causing the end game achievement to sometimes not trigger.
  4. Fixed could pick paint (from blobs) from the other side of a paint palette.
  5. Fixed one of the tree sculpture’s rocks.
  6. Fixed an uncommon, minor and difficult to explain issue happening when rotating objects.
  7. Fixed virtual windows landscapes FOV not matching with the camera zoom.
  8. Fixed an email from Asha was not delayed as it should have been.
  9. Fixed some basic tutorial messages would not show up if playing in Creative mode.
  10. Fixed the color shifter tool would make a transparent surface black instead of preserving its alpha value.
  11. Selling machine: fixed could pick an item while on its way to be sold.
  12. Now preventing to attach stencils again to a canvas after it starts moving to get sold.
  13. Adjusted some tools snapping position and rotation (when attached to a tool holder).
  14. Preventing to hang stuff on the bobbleheads’ chest, since it sometimes can’t be removed afterwards (and has little use anyway).