Update October 12, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented players from breaking the healing glorite nodes during the Dynus Boss Fight.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused a casted fishing line to go across the screen in Multiplayer.
  3. The Phantom Cape now only casts a second Air Skip.
  4. The Well Fed buff no longer stacks.
  5. The Sunite Axe’s animations are no longer invisible.
  6. Fixed map bugs in various mines and the glorite mines.
  7. Fixed the black border on multiple maps.
  8. The Soul Orb Crops seed stage is now functional.
  9. Fixed a bug that prevented players from catching the Rainbow Trout with a fishing rod.
  10. The Dynus Altar flooring texture was updated.
  11. Fixed floating fishing nets on the farm.
  12. Fixed a bug that caused the Cerberus Mount to be replaced by another mount.
  13. The Fortified spell can now be cast.


  1. Sun Haven now has a loading screen when you launch the game.
  2. Enhanced the performance of Sun Haven when the game boots up.
  3. Fish sell prices were nerfed.
  4. Misc. Foragables and other items sell prices have also been balanced.
  5. Dynus’s Cooking Altar now gives players a new reward along with the Phantom Plate Gloves.


  1. All clothing item now show their sprites instead of the generic icons.
  2. The Basic Fishing Rod now has an icon.
  3. The platforms that appear during the Dynus Boss Fight now better match his lair.