Update July 9, 2021


  1. Added in Confronting Dynus Withergate quest line (up to part 4).
  2. Added access to Withergate forests and Withergate castle.
  3. Time no longer passes during cutscenes in single player.
  4. Added second walk path for most NPCs.
  5. Added a handful of sound effects.


  1. Large balance tuning to all professions.
  2. Added more items to sale stands.
  3. Balanced all quests.
  4. Increased spawn rate of chests in mines.


  1. Improved performance of Withergate maps.
  2. Fixed day 28 pass out bug.
  3. Fixed some layering issues on player farm.
  4. Fixed some issues causing enemies to not despawn in multiplayer.
  5. Fixed some black screen bugs caused by 32 bit version of game.
  6. Fixed some crops resetting stages overnight (lettuce/withergate crops).
  7. Fixed several inventory/chest bugs.
  8. Fixed major bug in multiplayer that could desync deleting decorations (or possibly delete houses).
  9. Fixed a lot of NPC dialogue and hangouts not working.
  10. Fixed lots of small quest defects.
  11. Fixed some issues with corrupt save files.
  12. Fixed many map dects and colliders that could cause you to get stuck.
  13. Fixed several skill nodes not working as intended.
  14. Fixed several NPC walk paths not working.
  15. Fixed lots of minor bugs.