Update August 13, 2021

Sun Haven map functionality

  1. Romanceable NPCs are now visible on the Sun Haven map.
  2. The player also shows on the map. (single player only).
  3. Available quests and completable quests show on the map.

Dating/Marriage to NPCs

  1. You can now gift NPCs a wedding ring to get married! This requires 15 hearts and getting far enough in the dialogue (you can only marry one NPC at a time).
  2. We’ve added a new wedding event to get married! The event center north of Sun Haven is now unlocked for this event (west from the train tracks).
  3. Dating now begins if you accept the NPC during the second date. However, Bernard now sells a love letter to begin dating an NPC if you’ve declined the second date or declined the NPC during the second date.
  4. NPCs now have proper dialogue reflecting your relationship. This includes 10 Dialogue Cycles before dating, 5 Dialogue Cycles while dating, 3 Dialogue Cycles while married, 5 Dialogue Cycles if dating is declined, and more one-liners added for each instance.
  5. Bernard now sells keepsakes for NPCs that you have 8 hearts with in case you miss it in their dialogue or lose it for any reason.
  6. You can now get up to 20 hearts with NPCs. It was previously capped at 10 before dating. Now it is capped at 15 before marriage.
  7. You can now talk to Bernard to get divorced after marriage.

Part 1 of 2 for mines update

  1. Floors 26-50 have been added!
  2. Small rebalance to mining numbers: ore tiers are now in increments of 10 floors rather than 5.

More character customization

  1. Naga race is now unlocked!
  2. We’ve added new character select customization options.
  3. We’ve added over 250 pieces of clothing (including color variations) into shops.
  4. Most clothing now comes in the following color variations: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white.

Other Changes

  1. Mac Build Support!!
  2. More Settings: Keybinds, Increase Day Length, Pause time during dialogue.
  3. The tier 3 house upgrade is now available at the town hall! Now, you purchase the permit from Emmett at the Town Hall and craft the upgrade at your crafting table.
  4. Romanceable NPC Bust Emotes now allow you to see the NPCs’ emotions while you’re talking!
  5. Fence Gates are now in!
  6. New wallpapers have been added to shops!
  7. Wallpapers can now be placed across individual walls as well as in the Withergate apartment.
  8. New farm songs and mine songs!
  9. Increased size of tier 2 house to fit large furniture items and rugs.
  10. Multiplayer disconnection improvements.
  11. Various Bug fixes.