Update August 25, 2021


  1. Improved stability of multiplayer.
  2. Reduced disconnections in multiplayer.
  3. Fixed the issue causing inventories to be wiped from disconnecting.
  4. Removed automatic 10 second timeout from connecting and replaced with a button instead.


  1. Fixed pass out days on increments of day 28 starting past day 112.
  2. Improved perfomance slightly, especially at the player farm.
  3. Fixed some dialogue from NPC not giving keepsakes.
  4. Fixed some crafting bugs causing a crafter to not work overnight.
  5. Fixed quests taking armor off players or take different quality items.
  6. Removed tiles being placed on beach.
  7. Fixed some decorations sinking into ground on beach.
  8. Cutscenes now dismount players (including hangouts).
  9. Fixed platforming to be more reliable.
  10. Fixed dozens of small issues with clothings, decorations, and UI elements.


  1. Added +1,+5,Max buttons to crafting tables.