Update October 1, 2021

Main Questline Updates

  1. Added quests to the Withergate main storyline up to Confronting Dynus (6/6).
  2. You can now meet Dynus the Moon Dragon beneath Withergate Castle.
  3. Challenge him to a duel or appease him with offerings to gain his favor.

Dynus Altars

  1. Dynus Altar room is now functional.
  2. 9 themed Altars to complete.
  3. Complete Altars to receive exclusive rewards:
  4. New armor set, mount, crop and more!

Dynus Duel

  1. Battle the Moon Dragon in an epic fight!
  2. Note: You can fight Dynus in Single Player and Multiplayer but the fight is currently only a single player experience. You cannot currently fight him as a group.
  3. Defeat him or appease him to receive exclusive rewards.

Midnight Isle

  1. A new Withergate based fishing map with increased fish quality and spawn rate.

Glorite Mines

  1. Added 5 new Glorite mines maps.
  2. New rare ore: Glorite.
  3. Can be used to craft the Glorite Tools and Glorite Furniture Set.

Withergate Updates

  1. New Withergate NPCs with walk paths and dialogue cycles.
  2. Added Withergate Bulletin Board.
  3. 20 quests now available!

Mines update (2/2)

  1. Sun Haven Mines visual update.
  2. New themes every 10 floors.
  3. New mines music to match the new themes.

Fishing System Overhaul

  1. New Fishing mini game.
  2. Added 35 new fish (15 Sun Haven, 10 Nel’Vari, and 10 Withergate).
  3. Added fishing nets to automate catching fish on the Sun Haven Player Farm.
  4. Added 7 New Fishing rods with unique perks.
  5. Fish are now consumable.
  6. Fish now have specific locations, split between: Sun Haven player farm, Sun Haven Town, Sun Haven Beach, the forest, the wilderness, Nel’Vari town, Nel’Vari forest, Withergate Town, Withergate forest, and the Sewer.
  7. Removed Copper, Iron, Adamant, Mithril, and Sunite Fishing Rods.

Skill Tree Updates

  1. Added an entirely new Fishing skill tree with 21 new skill nodes.
  2. Combat tree rework.
  3. Attack Damage rework.
  4. Nodes that allow players to gain extra money have been rebalanced.
  5. More farming skill nodes coming next patch.

Other Changes

  1. Added 777 New Item Descriptions.
  2. Buff icon trackers now visible above your toolbar.
  3. New sound effects.
  4. Chest Opening.
  5. Fishing Line casting.
  6. And More!
  7. New icons for a plethora of inventory items.
  8. Crossbow damage balance.
  9. Sword damage balancing.
  10. Monster damage balancing.
  11. Armor defense balancing.
  12. Retuning Quest rewards to include Fishing EXP.
  13. New hats, clothing, and accessories coming next patch.

Bug Fixes

  1. Attempted fix for crashing.
  2. Attempted fix for inventory wipe in Multiplayer.
  3. Attempted fix for a bug preventing Sun Haven from opening.
  4. Attempted fix for numerous other bugs.