Update June 27, 2020


  1. Few new parts to M3 Halftrack (The door and front cover has been separated into more parts, also the lock on the back of the vehicle, and the bogie arms).
  2. An option in warehouse material customizer, that player can select if he wants or not to have the floor clean.


  1. Player will receive bonus money and reputation for finishing the contract with higher percentage of repairs and assembly.
  2. T-34/76 paintable parts have been updated and fixed (although few parts have been made as unpaintable, due to UV mapping restrictions).
  3. Suspension for M3 Halftrack.


  1. Stug wrong material config for few parts.
  2. An error when few tanks could not be correctly painted after applying final paint to it (for example, the stug).
  3. Stug wrong config for paintable parts for test drive model.
  4. Decreased the effect of reflections while adding decals.
  5. An error that would cause the storage menu to not display all parts.
  6. M10 Wolverine driver and radio operator hatches animations.
  7. KV-1 test drive model revamp.
  8. Paint Room menu now correctly resets buffers used to paint on tank (previously this was not reset, and it could paste previous paint jobs on next tanks).
  9. A bug, that the game did not reset the blueprints player had when loading the game.
  10. Tiger I Right idler wheel dependency.
  11. The game will now correctly show the tank part status that the player is looking at, when the tool he’s holding in hand is turned off (previously the game displayed the status only when the tool was on).
  12. T-34/76 engine and transmission covers dependencies.
  13. Museum room terrain glitch through the floor.
  14. Panzer III J test drive model wrong animation of turret viewers (near cannon base).
  15. Panzer III J animations for turret hatches.
  16. M3 Half-track wrong tracks position.
  17. M10 Wolverine UV mapping fix.
  18. M3 Half-track few part names have been corrected (Thanks to member ThatMaus from our Discord server).
  19. An error that could cause the player to go under the floor when moving a tank/module in Warehouse scene.