Update April 30, 2021


  1. Tank: Vickers E.
  2. Tank: Little Willie.
  3. Vickers MG.
  4. Modding tool for collectibles: Metal Object Creator.
  5. Game option: Mouse Smoothing.
  6. Rendering icons for collectibles in museum.
  7. Machine Guns now are also visible in Main Menu and Overview.
  8. Visual support rods for turrets that are too small and would otherwise float in the air.
  9. Ammo: OQF 3-pounder gun (47 mm) and ammo configuration (AP and HE).

Modified / Tweaked

  1. MailBox avatar moved to description area in UI.
  2. Tank Analysis & Tank Manager items hover color in UI.
  3. UI Improvements for Storage Panel. Other UI elements should not overlap over Storage Panel. Bottom buttons are wider to display larger text labels better.
  4. Tank Analysis now also displays the state of UnInteractable parts. The game took them into the calculations when displaying the state of the tank, now the condition can be correctly understood.
  5. Real values for turret rotation rates.
  6. Ballistics (trajectory of projectiles) now includes air resistance (based on Stokes equation).
  7. Optimized system for loading/saving tank elements info data (based on C# dictionary).
  8. Addressable Asset System settings.


  1. Game now does not stall each time player picks up ammo from the tank, we are not calling a save method right away, but when the player leaves the room or leaves the scene (to main menu/extraction, etc.).
  2. Tiger I turret collision on proving grounds and test drive.
  3. M8 Greyhound Handwheel Elevation part material.