Update February 19, 2021


  1. New animations for Tiger I interior.
  2. Ability to lean and crouch while being inside tank (taking crew slot).
  3. New animations for some parts of M4A3E8 Sherman.
  4. New parts M4A3E8 Sherman.
  5. Movable stairs.
  6. Tank Warehouse room.
  7. Tank Manager panel.
  8. Tank Damage system.
  9. An option to order missing parts by crafting them.
  10. New music.
  11. Sdkfz 251 rubber wheels.
  12. Panzer IV Ausf. G rubber wheels.
  13. Panther V Ausf. A rubber wheels.
  14. StuG III rubber wheels.
  15. Panzer III Ausf. M/J rubber wheels.
  16. Announcements panel in main menu.
  17. New stands in museum. All stands are now on a single texture image.

Modified / Tweaked

  1. The Upgrade panel now allows selecting any upgrade, not only ones available to unlock.
  2. The size of the textures representing various items, in customizer/paint room menu to have less loading at once.
  3. Various sounds, from tools sounds to walking/jumping sounds.


  1. Fixed Tank Extraction material, now the tank should be more visible and correctly handle the light.
  2. Re-done KV-2 test drive model.
  3. Importing a save from other player does not cause an error when parsing a float number.
  4. Localization fixes.
  5. Game does not need player to release right mouse button before allowing to unscrew next screw (previously player had to release the mouse button to start next unscrew).
  6. M26 Pershing wrong textures on HullExterior front bottom.
  7. M4A3E8 Sherman has new tank parts, and is upgraded for the 1.2.0 patch.
  8. Duplicating props in museum stand menu is no longer possible.
  9. An option to order missing parts by crafting them.
  10. Various problems with save files not working correctly, causing errors or crashes.
  11. Radio is up and working again.
  12. An error that caused replacing the tank incoming from extraction for one of the tanks in warehouse (most probably, from a contract).
  13. Ability to toggle examine/interior/help modes when inside any menu.
  14. All transform for every vehicle in main menu.
  15. Flag collider size adjusted to size of displayed image when selecting them in UI.
  16. Small fixes to Panzer III J material config.
  17. Panther front armor hatch animation.
  18. M4A3E8 Sherman pistol port animation.
  19. Driver hatch animation T-34/76 and T-34/85.
  20. KV-2 position in museum slots.
  21. Color for track materials.
  22. Proper player position when tank is repositioned into another slot in museum, to avoid situations.
  23. here tank can be spawned in the same place as the player.
  24. M4A3E8 Sherman Loader hatch animation.
  25. Panzer III J wrong position of ammo.
  26. Black screen when trying to test drive a tank placed outside workshop.
  27. More damages generated.
  28. Paint room camera now works again.
  29. Correct slots shown for Warehouse area in radial slot selection menu.