Update August 31, 2021

New contents

  1. New champions added: 5 new champions added.
  2. Werewolf.
  3. Taoist.
  4. Mystic Dancer.
  5. Dark Mage.
  6. Cold Corpse.
  7. Meta-analysis report feature added. The report will be created in a message box throughout the season, where you can check out mainstream champions, counter champions and combos.
  8. Training report feature added. The report will be created according to players’ improvements.
  9. News report feature added. News will be created according to player’s circumstances.
  10. Gift feature added. You will be able to receive gifts from fans.
  11. Event Match feature added. You can enjoy special matches that can be played during World Championship period after the end of a regular season. You can build your players by participating in these matches. There are 10 types of event matches and every season you will be able to participate in a match with one of the 3 randomly generated rules.
  12. Accumulated Damage : Team with greater accumulated damage wins.
  13. Beast Mode : Movement speed of all champions increases by 3. (including Ogre).
  14. Quick Cast : Cooltime for all champion skills decreases by 80%.
  15. Jab Jab : ATK of all champions decreases by 50% and ATK speed doubles.
  16. Solid Blow : ATK speed of all champions decreases by 50% and ATK doubles.
  17. Iron wall : DEF of all champions increases by 200.
  18. 00 ban : Cannot use 00 champions. (global ban on a specific category / ex. Warrior ban).
  19. Reverse : Team with fewer kills wins.
  20. Contempt for Weaklings : All champions prioritize their attacks on enemies with low HP.
  21. Speed Game : Game time: 30 sec, Respawn time: 1 sec.

Changes and improvements

  1. Archer’s Ultimate damage has been decreased.
  2. Archer’s ATK has been decreased.
  3. Berserker’s amount of lifesteal has been increased.
  4. Monk’s recovery coefficient has been increased.
  5. Monk’s HP has been increased.
  6. Cook’s ATK speed has been decreased.
  7. Cook’s skill cooltime has increased.
  8. Sniper’s ATK speed has been increased.
  9. Shadowmancer’s Ultimate stat increase amount has been increased.
  10. Shrine Maiden’s ATK damage and recovery coefficient have been increased.
  11. Poison Dart Hunter’s skill time has been decreased.

AI Ban&Pick

  1. The AI on a normal difficulty has been changed to the one prior to the Patch 1.3.2. The new algorithm is applied after the New Game+ on a hard difficulty.