Update v1.3.0.2

Core game fixes

  1. Multicore lighting will now be disabled for everyone, although you may re-enable it in the settings.
  2. Fixed issue with bubbles and reversed gravity.
  3. Fixed several crashes.
  4. "Star Power" and "Get A Life" achievements will no longer be granted upon entering a world.
  5. Fixed an issue with black squares appearing on backgrounds when using retro lighting.
  6. Capture mode will now disable itself if your computer cannot handle it.
  7. Fixed a stacking issue with wires.
  8. Made the "Rock Bottom" achievement slightly easier to get.
  9. Various Balance tweaks.
  10. Stardust, Vortex, Solar, and Nebula Pillars all got buffed with an additional 5000 HP.
  11. Multiplayer fixes.
  12. You will now be able to enter the password every time when entering or creating a server.
  13. Many issues with the dedicated server and its configurations have been resolved.
  14. Fixed an issue where users would be unable to invite each other when in "Invite Only" mode.