Update v1.4.0.2


  1. Added Master and Journey to command line options for the dedicated server.
  2. Ghosts should now be more likley to despawn, and reduced the conditions which allow them to spawn as well as the maximum number of them.
  3. Error logging should no longer create large DMP data files when the game crashes (We no longer use them).

Bug Fixes

  1. Added some protection to ensure world gen works for users using different language PCs, but we are still investigating a more thorough fix.
  2. Fixed a number of issues where Terraria tries to make or modify folders, but User Side PC permissions prevented it from doing so, leading to crashes/errors.
  3. Fixed a crash relating sound initialization.
  4. Fixed a few autostart errors for the server.
  5. Fixed an issue with kicking players not actually being fully removed, preventing players from rejoining.
  6. Demon Altars can no longer spawn on rare configurations of adjacent cacti, which would crash the world if they were hit.
  7. Coins no longer have a sell value.
  8. Fixed an issue where Map Scale was impossibly low, resulting in some map related issues.