Update v1.4.1.1

  1. Fixed a Mac only issue that caused a crash when attempting to host a server.
  2. Fixed an bug causing it to be much harder than expected to achieve the happiness required for the Leading Landlord achievement.
  3. Fixed an issue that prevented Linux from taking screenshots correctly.
  4. Fixed an oversight within the Game Credits.
  5. Fixed an issue in Dungeon code that was causing the same seed to create different worlds each time.
  6. Fixed an issue preventing Master mode players from accessing all accessory slots with Gamepad.
  7. Fixed a crash related to housing menu interaction with Gamepad.
  8. Daybreak spears embedded in Moon Lord eyes will instantly explode and deal their bonus damage immediately if they eye closes.
  9. Fixed an issue causing a kanji key to automatically replace some keybindings.
  10. Fixed an issue causing Jungle Armor, Ancient Cobalt, and Molten Sets to not have the proper bonuses, while some other items (like Band of Regeneration) got them instead.
  11. Fixed an bug causing the Hot Reels achievement to unlock when fishing in any liquid.
  12. Fixed a bug causing Princess to not properly check for nearby NPCs, resulting in her being lonely even when surrounded by neighbors.
  13. Players transformed into a Werewolf/Merman no longer have human faces when wearing certain accessories.
  14. Fixed several grammatical/spelling issues in NPC dialogue.
  15. Fixed a few minor item tooltip/flavor text issues.
  16. Fixed a buggy dialogue line from Princess about Santa Claus.
  17. Fixed a buggy dialogue line from Transformed Zoologist about the Princess.
  18. Fixed Video Visage not applying dye to the screen when showing up on the Map.
  19. Fixed an issue with the Witch Costume not properly showing legs underneath of it, even its own Witch Boots.
  20. Fixed an issue when renaming chests that prevented the player from exiting their inventory easily.
  21. Fixed an issue where Town NPCs would try to sit on Dynasty Chairs (they shouldn’t be able to).