Update v1.4.2.1

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where MP3s used for replacing Music tracks would not loop.
  2. Fixed an issue where replaced Music tracks would be significantly louder than normal tracks.
  3. Fixed an issue where replacing Music tracks did not work on Mac (and possibly Linux as well, unconfirmed).
  4. Fixed a text issue in the Workshop Upload menu that showed debug text for the "Other" tag.
  5. Fixed an issue that prevented the Title Bar messages from being changed by Resource Packs.
  6. Changed Striking Moment’s Buff text to reflect that it actually adds 400% damage (500% total) rather than adding 500%.
  7. Fixed an loading issue with XNB assets in Resource Packs that prevented them from working properly.
  8. Fixed an issue where Bubble Blocks could not be used as the walls for player-spawn houses.
  9. Fixed a typo in Dune world generation in regards to their position with Snow biomes.
  10. Fixed some minor grammatical and capitalization issues.
  11. Changed the Worldgen Menu to properly indicate that you CAN rename your worlds (as this changed in 1.4.2).
  12. Fixed an issue where Luminite Ore and Bricks made "Dirt" thud sounds when mined, instead of ore/metal sounds.
  13. Fixed an issue where Doors, Trap Doors, and Tall Gates could render a house invalid if they were open.