Update v1.4.3.1

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where Abigail’s Flower would not visually sync on servers when it grew (rendering it invisible until you rejoined).
  2. Deerclops now properly drops money.
  3. Fixed a rare crash caused by Jungle Mimics.
  4. Fixed an issue with Crystal Serpent being held unusually by the player.
  5. Fixed an issue where Plantero’s Sombrero was poofing when turning Blood and Gore off.
  6. Removing an accidental second Garland recipe.
  7. Fixed a duplication exploit.
  8. Fixed an issue that caused some OGG files in Resource Packs not to loop properly.
  9. Fixed an issue where the player using a Stormbow did not visually "fire upwards".
  10. Attempted a fix for issues where slow-joining players could die to Darkness while joining servers.
  11. Fixed an issue where interacting Pylons from beneath had a different range than the actual teleportation-allowed range.
  12. Fixed cases of plates & logic sensors not properly being removed from the world when mined.
  13. Fixed Seasonal Bunnies not having the surface tag in bestiary.
  14. Fixed Frozen Zombie and Wolf not showing Snow Biome in bestiary.
  15. Deerclops & Ice Golem now correctly use the rain tag in bestiary.
  16. Fixed inconsistent order of surface and time Bestiary tags.
  17. Fixed a certain exploit.
  18. Fixed potential issue with Deerclops insanity in multiplaye.
  19. Trying to play corrupted cloud worlds should no longer crash the game.

Balance Changes

  1. Increased Abigail’s Flower spawnrate by 33%.
  2. Abigail can now only hit up to 3 enemies at once per "attack". This cap increases by 1 for every 2 extra minion slots expended on her (3 minions = 4, 5 minions = 5, etc).
  3. Deerclops is now immune to Confusion.
  4. Deerclops contact damage and his cold projectiles are now affected by Warmth Potion.
  5. Truffle Worms no longer take damage from hostile NPCs or projectiles.