Update v1.1

Blocks and Items

  1. 1 Second Timer.
  2. 3 Second Timer.
  3. 5 Second Timer.
  4. Active Stone Block.
  5. Adamantite armor.
  6. Adamantite Bar.
  7. Adamantite Chainsaw.
  8. Adamantite Drill.
  9. Adamantite Forge.
  10. Adamantite Glaive.
  11. Adamantite Ore.
  12. Adamantite Repeater.
  13. Adamantite Sword.
  14. Angel Wings.
  15. Bell.
  16. Blue Torch.
  17. Boulder.
  18. Breaker Blade.
  19. Brown Pressure Plate.
  20. Clockwork Assault Rifle.
  21. Cloud in a Balloon.
  22. Clown Hat.
  23. Clown Pants.
  24. Clown Shirt.
  25. Cobalt armor.
  26. Cobalt Bar.
  27. Cobalt Brick.
  28. Cobalt Brick Wall.
  29. Cobalt Chainsaw.
  30. Cobalt Drill.
  31. Cobalt Naginata.
  32. Cobalt Ore.
  33. Cobalt Repeater.
  34. Cobalt Sword.
  35. Compass.
  36. Cross Necklace.
  37. Crystal Ball.
  38. Crystal Bullet.
  39. Crystal Shard.
  40. Crystal Storm.
  41. Cursed Arrow.
  42. Cursed Bullet.
  43. Cursed Flame.
  44. Cursed Flames.
  45. Cursed Torch.
  46. Dao of Pow.
  47. Dark Shard.
  48. Dart Trap.
  49. Demon Torch.
  50. Demon Wings.
  51. Demonite Brick.
  52. Disco Ball.
  53. Diving Gear.
  54. Dual Hook.
  55. Ebonsand Block.
  56. Excalibur.
  57. Explosives.
  58. Fairy Bell.
  59. Flamethrower.
  60. Glass Wall.
  61. GPS.
  62. Gray Pressure Plate.
  63. Greater Healing Potion.
  64. Greater Mana Potion.
  65. Green Pressure Plate.
  66. Green Torch.
  67. Gungnir.
  68. Hallowed armor.
  69. Hallowed Repeater.
  70. Hallowed Seeds.
  71. Hamdrax.
  72. Harp.
  73. Holy Arrow.
  74. Holy Water.
  75. Ice Rod.
  76. Inactive Stone Block.
  77. Inlet Pump.
  78. Iridescent Brick.
  79. Iridescent Brick Wall.
  80. Laser Rifle.
  81. Lever.
  82. Light Disc.
  83. Light Shard.
  84. Magic Dagger.
  85. Magical Harp.
  86. Mana Flower.
  87. Mannequin.
  88. Mechanical Eye.
  89. Mechanical Skull.
  90. Mechanical Worm.
  91. Megashark.
  92. Mining Pants.
  93. Mining Shirt.
  94. Moon Charm.
  95. Mudstone Block.
  96. Mudstone Brick Wall.
  97. Music Box.
  98. Music Box (Boss 1).
  99. Music Box (Boss 2).
  100. Music Box (Boss 3).
  101. Music Box (Corruption).
  102. Music Box (Eerie).
  103. Music Box (Jungle).
  104. Music Box (Night).
  105. Music Box (Overworld Day).
  106. Music Box (The Hallow).
  107. Music Box (Title).
  108. Music Box (Underground).
  109. Music Box (Underground Corruption).
  110. Music Box (Underground Hallow).
  111. Mythril Anvil.
  112. Mythril armor.
  113. Mythril Bar.
  114. Mythril Brick.
  115. Mythril Brick Wall.
  116. Mythril Chainsaw.
  117. Mythril Drill.
  118. Mythril Halberd.
  119. Mythril Ore.
  120. Mythril Repeater.
  121. Mythril Sword.
  122. Neptune’s Shell.
  123. Obsidian Horseshoe.
  124. Obsidian Shield.
  125. Outlet Pump.
  126. Pearlsand Block.
  127. Pearlstone Block.
  128. Pearlstone Brick.
  129. Pearlstone Brick Wall.
  130. Phasesaber.
  131. Philosopher’s Stone.
  132. Pixie Dust.
  133. Planked Wall.
  134. Purple Torch.
  135. Pwnhammer.
  136. Rainbow Rod.
  137. Ranger Emblem.
  138. Red Pressure Plate.
  139. Red Torch.
  140. Ruler.
  141. Shotgun.
  142. Silt Block.
  143. Slime Crown.
  144. Sorcerer Emblem.
  145. Soul of Flight.
  146. Soul of Fright.
  147. Soul of Light.
  148. Soul of Might.
  149. Soul of Night.
  150. Soul of Sight.
  151. Spectre Boots.
  152. Spell Tome.
  153. Star Cloak.
  154. Switch.
  155. Tinkerer’s Workshop.
  156. Titan Glove.
  157. Toolbelt.
  158. Unholy Water.
  159. Unicorn Horn.
  160. Warrior Emblem.
  161. White Torch.
  162. Wire.
  163. Wire Cutter.
  164. Wooden Beam.
  165. Wrench.
  166. Yellow Torch.
  167. Statues.
  168. Anvil Statue.
  169. Axe Statue.
  170. Bat Statue.
  171. Bird Statue.
  172. Bomb Statue.
  173. Boomerang Statue.
  174. Boot Statue.
  175. Bow Statue.
  176. Bunny Statue.
  177. Chest Statue.
  178. Corrupt Statue.
  179. Crab Statue.
  180. Cross Statue.
  181. Eyeball Statue.
  182. Fish Statue.
  183. Gargoyle Statue.
  184. Gloom Statue.
  185. Goblin Statue.
  186. Hammer Statue.
  187. Heart Statue.
  188. Hornet Statue.
  189. Imp Statue.
  190. Jellyfish Statue.
  191. King Statue.
  192. Mushroom Statue.
  193. Pickaxe Statue.
  194. Pillar Statue.
  195. Piranha Statue.
  196. Pot Statue.
  197. Potion Statue.
  198. Queen Statue.
  199. Reaper Statue.
  200. Shield Statue.
  201. Skeleton Statue.
  202. Slime Statue.
  203. Spear Statue.
  204. Star Statue.
  205. Sunflower Statue.
  206. Sword Statue.
  207. Tree Statue.
  208. Woman Statue.
  209. Enemies.
  210. Angler Fish.
  211. Armored Skeleton.
  212. Bald Zombie.
  213. Bird.
  214. Chaos Elemental.
  215. Clinger.
  216. Clown.
  217. Corrupt Slime.
  218. Corruptor.
  219. Cursed Hammer.
  220. Dark Mummy.
  221. Digger.
  222. Enchanted Sword.
  223. Gastropod.
  224. Giant Bat.
  225. Goblin Archer.
  226. Green Jellyfish.
  227. Illuminant Bat.
  228. Illuminant Slime.
  229. Leech.
  230. Light Mummy.
  231. Mimic.
  232. Mummy.
  233. Pixie.
  234. Possessed Armor.
  235. Probe.
  236. Skeleton Archer.
  237. Toxic Sludge.
  238. Unicorn.
  239. Wandering Eye.
  240. Werewolf.
  241. World Feeder.
  242. Wraith.
  243. Wyvern.
  244. Bosses.
  245. Wall of Flesh.
  246. The Twins.
  247. The Destroyer.
  248. Skeletron Prime.


  1. The Dryad will now tell you the percentage of Corruption vs. Hallow in the game world.
  2. The Wizard, Mechanic, and Goblin Tinkerer have been added.
  3. Tools and Accessories, such as the Copper Pickaxe and the Shackle, can now have various attributes assigned to them. These will slightly modify their stats.
  4. All NPCs now have randomly generated names. Ex. Cole, Allison, Tanner.
  5. Added thirty-nine statues that are scattered around the world. Some of them do special things when activated with mechanics!
  6. Four new armor sets (Cobalt armor, Adamantite armor, Mythril armor and Hallowed armor). Each set has 3 different head gear that give bonuses to melee, ranged, or magic, respectively.
  7. There are 21 new accessories.
  8. Weapons and accessories can now have random conditions that modify their stats. These conditions can be changed for a price by visiting the Goblin Tinkerer.
  9. Some accessories can now be combined at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.
  10. Colored torches can now be crafted from of gems and torches.
  11. Added Mannequins that are crafted out of Wood. Place armor and vanity items on them for decoration/storage.
  12. Added the Wrench to place wires.
  13. Added Wire Cutters to remove wires.
  14. Added Pressure Plates, Switches, and Timers to activate devices.
  15. Added Music Boxes that record and play in-game music.
  16. Added Pumps to transport liquids.
  17. Dropping the Guide Voodoo Doll in lava in Underworld will summon the Wall of Flesh.
  18. New smooth, colored lighting engine which can be toggled between the four lighting modes: Color, White, Retro, and Trippy in the Options menu or by pressing F9.
  19. (Be aware though, using any other lighting modes than retro will cut off 17 blocks on each side of the map.).
  20. Added automatic graphic quality adjustment based on the game`s frame rate. This setting can be toggled in the Options menu.
  21. Above ground tunnels may now be created during world generation.
  22. Smashing Demon Altars with the Pwnhammer will cause Cobalt Ore, Adamantite Ore, and Mythril Ore to appear around the world.
  23. Defeating the Wall of Flesh will now activate hardmode. Harder enemies will spawn, and the Corruption’s rate of spread will be greatly increased. It will also be able to spread through everything, apart from the Hallow.
  24. There is a new biome, the Hallow, that will be created when the Wall of Flesh is defeated (when hardmode is activated).
  25. When nearing the top of the world, the player will now leave the atmosphere and be less affected by gravity. The sky will also turn dark.
  26. Underground cabins may randomly spawn around chests.
  27. There are now three types of traps that are generated underground.
  28. Demon Torches now appear in shelters generated in the Underworld.


  1. Bunnies, Birds and goldfish can now be damaged by a player’s attacks.
  2. Star Cannon - shoots faster.
  3. Sandgun - does more damage, shoots faster.
  4. Blowpipe - listed as ranged.
  5. Goblins no longer drop Rocket Boots during an invasion. Instead they are sold by the Goblin Tinkerer who can be rescued underground after the player has defeated the Goblin Army.
  6. Boomerangs are listed as melee.
  7. The crafting requirements for Molten armor and Jungle armor have been reduced.
  8. Dynamites, Bombs and Grenades have their stack limit raised to 5, 50 and 99 respectively.
  9. Made several lighting and display optimizations to increase game performance, introduced different colors of lighting from the regular Plain and Blue and Green to the extra colors such as Red, Purple, Yellow etc.
  10. Fixed a problem with item syncing for newly connected players.
  11. Fixed a bug that caused graphical issues for player`s using automatic weapons.
  12. Added a limit to how often the server can broadcast NPC update packets. This prevents NPC`s from trying to update every cycle which would cause massive amounts of lag.
  13. Reduced the amount of data needed to transmit tiles down to 25%.
  14. The server now only broadcasts tile data to the players who need it.
  15. The server now withholds some NPC, player, and projectile packets based on player distance from them.
  16. Fixed a bug where water is consumed when a player cures Corruption with Purification Powder while standing in water.
  17. Removed obsolete lighting code, reducing both RAM usage and world save file sizes.
  18. Tweaked the Glowing Mushroom biome.
  19. Different styles of wall can now be placed next to one another without showing the background between them.
  20. Cacti no longer damage players.

Bug fixes

  1. The server will no longer think a player is dead if he/she reaches 1 HP without dying.
  2. Players can now craft from the ammo slot.
  3. The game will no longer crash when player tries to draw water outside the bounds of the world.
  4. Mana regeneration will no longer ignore stat bonuses given by armor or accessories.
  5. The game will now no longer crash when Underground Jungle grass is grown.
  6. Wood Platforms no longer attach to non-solid objects.
  7. Placing and removing items during the placing animation will no longer destroy the item when it is collected.
  8. Graphical abnormalities will no longer appear when the lighting changes dramatically.
  9. The FPS display (F10) now shows the correct number.
  10. The lighting of players’ pants and head armor will no longer switch.
  11. Water will no longer settle in strange positions.
  12. Objects with transparency will no longer appear darker than they should.
  13. Ironskin Potion now gives 8 defense boost correctly.