Update v1.06.J168

Graphical Changes

  1. Added unique Forgotten costumes for Conjoined, Seraphim, Leviathan, Spider Baby (transformation), Bob (transformation), Capricorn, The Ludovico Technique, Toothpicks, Tough Love, Serpent’s Kiss, Infestation 2, Spirit of the Night, Epiphora, Epic Fetus, Pupula Duplex.
  2. Added skin color alts to Immaculate Conception.
  3. Slightly improved item sprite for The Belt.
  4. Added extra animations to the Gemini familiar.
  5. Picking up Black Candle under Curse of Darkness will now make the darkness fade away instead of immediately lighting the room up.

Other Changes

  1. Mom’s Shovel now counts towards the Mom transformation.
  2. Familiars will now be teleported to the player’s position when entering the Mom fight.
  3. The Forgotten’s body will now be teleported to the player’s position when entering a fight against Gurdy, Mom or Mom’s Heart as the Forgotten’s soul.
  4. Locust of War will now refrain from targeting or colliding with enemies for 2 seconds after entering a room.
  5. The Thing can no longer spawn as a regenerating red champion as that makes it near impossible to kill with some loadouts.
  6. Added a charge bar to Lil Spewer.
  7. Losing a bone heart to damage will now reduce the Forgotten’s devil deal chance.
  8. Ministros will now be replaced with Hoppers instead of Leapers in Hard Mode before "The Gate is Open" is unlocked.
  9. Brittle Bones is now a simple minor Tears Up when picked up by Keeper or the Lost and will no longer kill Keeper.
  10. Added stage HP to Blisters to make them less tanky when encountered on early floors.
  11. The Lamb will no longer do its rotating Brimstone attack when close to a wall.
  12. Epiphora and Dead Eye now synergize with The Forgotten.
  13. Eden’s Blessings are now limited to a maximum of 10 to prevent potential crashes.
  14. Adjusted the contents of Pandora’s Box in Greed Mode.
  15. Krampus will now do a short dash towards the player before doing a spinning Brimstone attack.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed many missing/outdated features from the Linux version.
  2. Fixed the Forgotten’s score value fluctuating when switching between forms.
  3. Fixed the Forgotten’s ranged attack sometimes firing backwards with controllers.
  4. Fixed Flat Stone causing Ipecac shots to silently explode with no visible explosion effect.
  5. Fixed 3 Dollar Bill not increasing the size of the player’s tears when granting the Proptosis effect.
  6. Fixed being able to keep the Whore of Babylon state when switching from the Forgotten’s soul form to his skeleton form.
  7. Fixed being able to go to the Cathedral while holding Mom’s Shovel.
  8. Fixed Dr. Fetus and Epic Fetus being launched from the wrong position when thrown by the Forgotten right after a pickup animation.
  9. Fixed Mega Blast not requiring Mega Satan to be defeated with Apollyon and the Forgotten.
  10. Fixed a crash occurring when running the game after subscribing or unsubscribing from a mod.
  11. Fixed big attack flies spawned by Duke of Flies orbiting him instead of chasing the player.
  12. Fixed first spawned Duke of Flies in a room hogging all the orbital flies spawned by other Dukes in the room.
  13. Fixed bombs sometimes being thrown up in the air when dropped.
  14. Fixed a previous Big Horn fix causing his Delirium form to permanently drop Delirium’s HP to a very low amount, making him very easy to kill.
  15. Fixed a previous change causing explosions from permanently charmed enemies to damage the player.
  16. Fixed pressure plates spawning multiple rewards on top of each other in the exact same position.
  17. Fixed Hematemesis removing all red hearts with the Forgotten instead of leaving a single full red heart.
  18. Fixed Placebo not triggering Acid Baby and Lil Spewer like using a pill normally would.
  19. Fixed Flat Stone not being in any item pool.
  20. Fixed the charge bar for Maw of the Void not being positioned properly when the player’s size changes.
  21. Fixed the Forgotten’s charge bar being inaccurate with Monstro’s Lung.
  22. Fixed Crow Heart causing the player to lose their devil deal chance even if the damaged red hearts were inside a bone heart.
  23. Fixed a previous change causing Error rooms to always use the same layout.
  24. Fixed the Coupon being able to drop from Greed and shopkeepers without actually being unlocked.
  25. Fixed E Coli poops not being destructible by lasers.
  26. Fixed charmed enemies sometimes getting stuck trying to target invulnerable enemies.
  27. Fixed charmed enemies not being able to hit certain enemies (such as portals and Widow).
  28. Fixed portals always being replaced with Greed in Greed Mode before "The Gate is Open" is unlocked.
  29. Fixed a Black Market layout having the wrong type of buttons.
  30. Fixed Krampus sometimes not roaring before an attack.
  31. Fixed softlock caused by teleporting to the Error room when holding Broken Shovel in Depths 2.
  32. Fixed some glitchy behavior with Delirium’s Matriarch form.
  33. Fixed coop babies taking more red hearts from the player than intended when the player has bone hearts.
  34. Fixed being able to get black hearts from Stoneys by touching them while having The Virus/ Serpent’s Kiss.
  35. Fixed bomb rock explosions not being symmetrical, causing some nearby rocks to survive the explosion despite being close enough.
  36. Fixed a rare crash caused by the Matriarch when transitioning to her second phase.
  37. Fixed The Lamb being able to move during its rotating Brimstone attack before the beams have fully disappeared.
  38. Fixed a previous change causing fires from Fire Mind and Hot Bombs to deal much less damage than intended.
  39. Fixed several AB+ Double Trouble boss layouts being picked on the wrong floors.
  40. Fixed Double Trouble allowing the player to encounter bosses that haven’t been unlocked yet.
  41. Fixed a softlock caused by catching the Haunt’s Lil Haunts with Friendly Ball.
  42. Fixed a softlock caused by using Delirious in Mega Satan’s room before triggering his boss fight.
  43. Fixed bosses spawned by Delirious playing the boss victory jingle on death in some cases.
  44. Fixed Ultra Greed getting stuck trying to dash against item pedestals or the player in Gnawed Leaf form.
  45. Fixed bone hearts causing ??? to become invulnerable in certain conditions.
  46. Fixed Jera, D20 and other similar items affecting pickups that have already been picked up and are playing their disappearing animation.
  47. Fixed a previous fix causing Eden’s hair to always be the first variant.
  48. Fixed a bug causing battery charge to be duplicated with the Schoolbag.
  49. Fixed Pause not disabling itself when the player loses it or swaps it with another item.
  50. Fixed Abaddon and Brittle Bones not removing The Forgotten’s red hearts if picked up when in soul form.
  51. Fixed a glitch with causing The Forgotten’s soul to die upon rewinding.
  52. Fixed Polyphemus having a wrong green skin variant.
  53. Fixed Number One having an outdated white skin variant.
  54. Fixed Seraphim transformation costume not supporting skin variants.
  55. Fixed Lilith not starting with Cambion Conception before unlocking it.
  56. Fixed Dr. Fetus and Epic Fetus not firing with The Forgotten when held between more than two rooms.
  57. Fixed Dr. Fetus with The Forgotten sometimes causing bombs to be invisible.
  58. Fixed Jumper Cables not unlocking if AAA Battery or Watch Battery were picked up last.
  59. Fixed a previous change causing invisible headless enemies (such as Pacers and Gushers) to spawn from enemies killed during their spawn animation.

Mod Support

  1. Added missing sound enums.
  2. Fixed a previous change preventing modded tears from changing their sprite scale from a Lua callback.
  3. Death’s Heads and Stoneys can now be placed alone in rooms with pressure plates.
  4. Added a costumeSuffix parameter to players.xml to specify a special costumes folder per character.

Debug Console Changes

  1. Fixed Alt Gr sometimes causing the left Ctrl key to get stuck in the console.

Undocumented Changes

  1. Fixed the bugged stacked entities in Super Gluttony room #2112.
  2. There are now 2 item pedestals in Greed Mode Angel Room #0 (up from 1).
  3. There is now 1 item pedestal in Greed Mode Angel Room #6 (up from 0).
  4. There are now 2 item pedestals in Greed Mode Angel Room #1 (up from 1).
  5. There are now 2 item pedestals in Greed Mode Angel Room #1 (up from 2).
  6. Fixed the bugged Begotten Chains in Greed Sheol room #31.
  7. Fixed the bugged Begotten Chain in Greed Sheol room #58.
  8. Fixed glowing firefly/dust motes getting stuck at the center of L-shaped rooms.