Update July 2, 2020

Bugs fixes

  1. Fixed first person animations being extremely laggy in some cases.
  2. Fixed Silver Ridge Peaks story missions where progress was not saved (A Rockies Start, A Dangerous Reaction, Up High - Down Low, An Ill-advised Retreat, Setting Up, Whodunnit? and Lock It Down).
  3. Fixed Silver Ridge Peaks story missions where it was possible to get stuck (Old Haunts, Setting Up, Out of Her Comfort Zone, Plans Are Derailed, Bear with Me and The Poisoned Chalice).
  4. Fixed Whodunnit? And The Ascent story missions triggering at the same time.
  5. Fixed Mountain Goats so that they have no problem fleeing up hill.
  6. Fixed Rocky Mountain Elk Trophy Rating being inconsistent between harvest screen and Trophy Manager or Hunting Log.
  7. Fixed tutorials about new animals featured in Silver Ridge Peaks being empty.
  8. Fixed several missing and incorrect Codex entries.
  9. Fixed various crashes.