Update July 16, 2021

  1. Optimized tree performance to improve game frame performance.
  2. Optimized some lighting in the scene to improve game frame performance.
  3. Fixed a crash when upgrading certain technologies.
  4. Fixed a BUG where villagers would not perform the Eat/Get Clothing/Wash action under certain circumstances.
  5. Fixed an issue where some players went black for the first time (now default 1080P+ window mode for the first time).
  6. Fixed ambiguous text description in some technologies.
  7. Reduced the number of villagers’ demands, and increased the buff of decorations (made it easier to upgrade certain buildings).
  8. Adjusted the speed of clothing consumption to make ordinary clothes more durable.
  9. Weakened the buffs when villagers steal food, making it less frequent.
  10. Fixed a BUG where the same map seed could get different results with different probabilities.
  11. Increased production of permanent quarries and permanent quarries.
  12. Added female hunter model.