Update June 7, 2022



  1. Added a new boss in Gildenberg (replacing the final boss).
  2. Reworked Lakeburg’s level design.
  3. Reworked Lakeburg’s wave design.
  4. Added a new boss in Lakeburg.
  5. Moved the Dryad boss fight from Lakeburg to Glenwald and reworked the fight.


  1. Added a sorting and filtering system in the shop interface.
  2. Removed the Level upgrades from the shop. Instead, the level of offered items in the shop now increases automatically over the course of the run.
  3. The number of offered items in the shop will now increase as the player unlocks new equipment over the course of the campaign. This will make it less frustrating to unlock weapons you dislike, as they do not dilute the item pool as much as before.

Production Building

  1. These changes affect the Armor Maker, Blacksmith, Bowyer and Magic Shop.
  2. Added a new type of building upgrade: Shared Upgrades. Item level upgrades are now shared between production buildings. To see the full details check the dedicated section in "Balancing" later on this document.


  1. Changed the way item drops are rolled. Some meta upgrades should not affect item drop chances as much as before (for example, players with respectively 2 and 7 different short swords unlocked will have the same chances of dropping a short sword, which was not the case before).
  2. Night rewards now scale for the entirety of the run (stopped scaling after night 4 until now).


  1. Reworked the construction panel to easily switch between the different sections.
  2. Repairing now has a dedicated section in the construction menu.
  3. New repairing options to make repairing multiple buildings faster: Repair identical buildings, Repair structures, Repair defenses, Repair barricades and Repair walls.
  4. Added new shortcut buttons in the bottom left panel: Inn, Shop and Construction Mode.

Mist censers & Thin Mist

  1. Changed the way thin mist works: enemies under the effect of thin mist are untargetable, but can still be hit and damaged by AoE attacks, propagations, poison, etc...
  2. Mist Censers (added by Apocalypse 3) are now destroyed at the end of every night, and new ones respawn at the start of every day in different locations.
  3. Mist Censers now have scaling health pools (from 150 to 600 HP over the course of a run). They are now easier to kill at all stages of the game, but especially early on.
  4. The number of Mist Censers now increases over the course of a run.

Reward Reroll

  1. Added a feature to reroll the offered items for a single production reward, a limited amount of times a day. The feature can be unlocked in the Oraculum to get 1 reroll per day, and further unlocks can increase the number of rerolls to 3 per day.


  1. We’ve updated our game engine during this month and you should expect some performance increase thanks to that. But we still have a lot to do in optimization before the end of the early access.



  1. The mist is now a bit further away from the city.
  2. Enemies on night 5 are now less spread out.
  3. Slightly reduced the number of enemies on nights 4, 5 and 6.


  1. Glenwald now has better night rewards (more gold and materials, slightly stronger items).

Level up

  1. Available stat choices after rerolls from 5/3/1 to 5/3/2 (you will keep getting 2 choices if you keep rerolling after that).
  2. Armor Level up values increased from 15/25/32 to 24/32/40.


  1. Inn price reduced from 180 to 110 gold.
  2. Inn first upgrade price reduced from 260 to 180 gold.
  3. Inn second upgrade price reduced from 280 to 260 gold.
  4. Increased the price of heroes in the Inn, especially at higher levels.
  5. The price of heroes in the Inn does not take into account your current number of heroes anymore.
  6. Mage cost reduced from 100 to 60 gold.
  7. Reroll cost increased from 30 to 50 gold.
  8. Changed the probability of a mage being available in the Inn: it will on average take less days for one to appear, but there will be days where they aren’t available, even if you have not bought one.
  9. At higher levels, the Inn won’t show very low level heroes anymore.


  1. Weapons and armor are cheaper than before at lower levels and cost a bit more than before at higher levels.

Production building

  1. These changes affect the Armor Maker, Blacksmith, Bowyer and Magic Shop.
  2. Shared production upgrades (Replaces previous level upgrades. These upgrades affect ALL of your production building.):
  3. Item Level +: All production buildings give level 1 and 2 items, costs 70.
  4. Item Level ++: All production buildings give level 2 and 3 items, costs 120.
  5. Item Level +++: All production buildings give level 3 and 4 items, costs 300.
  6. Item Level ++++: All production buildings give level 4 and 5 items, costs 560.
  7. Passive production upgrades (Replaces previous passive production upgrades):
  8. Base: 10 passive production (1 item per day).
  9. Upgrade 1: +10 passive production, costs 110.
  10. Upgrade 2: +10 passive production, costs 130.
  11. Worker action upgrades (Replaces previous worker upgrades):
  12. Base action: Spend 2 workers to gain 10 production units (Max 1 use per day).
  13. Upgrade 1: Spend 1 worker to gain 10 production units, costs 50.
  14. Upgrade 2: Max uses per day from 1 to 2, costs 80.
  15. Upgrade 3: Max uses per day from 2 to 3, costs 100.
  16. Armor maker, Blacksmith, Bowyer and Magic Shop prices reduced from 70 to 60 gold.
  17. Non-upgraded production buildings give lower level items (max item level you can obtain remains unchanged, as there is an additional item level upgrade).
  18. Item production buildings no longer give a free production yield upon construction.


  1. Magic Circle health per mage increased from 50 to 100 (effectively doubling the Magic Circle’s health at all stages of the game).
  2. House upgrade "House Expansion +" cost increased from 60 to 80 gold.
  3. Increased block on shields at early levels.
  4. Increased block values on the Fortify skill (found on some armors).


  1. Fix of an exploit enabling the player to have infinite gold thanks to the shop.
  2. Fix a softlock caused by the BOOM! perk when killing an ally or when killing a Boomer.
  3. Fix enemies stuck in the fog in Glenwald causing some nights to never end.
  4. Heroes generated in the inn had too many experience points (the experience gain attribute was taken into account).
  5. Fix custom hero name not refreshing after leaving the customization panel.
  6. Fix the perk "Potion Throw".
  7. Fix ballista upgrades not working as expected when reloading a game.
  8. Fix damage estimation on surrounding skill effects.
  9. Fix a softlock during the end of the night caused by the hero generation of the inn.
  10. Fix sometimes not being able to move a hero after casting a skill (only happening with the "single click caster effect" option activated).