Update December 13, 2019


  1. Fixed bug that wouldn’t let you save sound setting edits.
  2. Fixed bug that would get you stuck in options menu.
  3. Fixed bug with Bum-bo the dead where if you canceled a spell of his it would cause issues.
  4. Fixed audio bug where rerolling the board would cause sounds to stack.



  1. Trap door now rewards 10 coins when used.
  2. Magic 8 Ball now adds a wild tile to your next row.
  3. Beckoning Finger now poisons the enemy it pulls.
  4. Teleport now skips the room and moves you to the next room.
  5. Brimstones mana cost has been lowered.
  6. Snack mana cost has been lowered.
  7. Trash Lid mana cost has been lowered.
  8. Yellow belt now adds a 5% chance to dodge that stacks, this now lasts for the full room.
  9. Dark Lotus now has a charge of 0.
  10. Cursed rainbow now only spawns 3 curse tiles, its mana cost has also been lowered.


  1. Duke has gotten a buff!
  2. Gibs has been reworked and buffed!
  3. Pyre has gotten a buff!

New Additions

  1. 15+ new sfx have been added.
  2. Most bosses now have custom sound effects.
  3. Bygone now has its own boss music and intro jingle.