Update March 30, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added new help page for Water Experiment.
  2. Added manual skip button (Only active if autoskip is off).
  3. Added AI impulse "Open: Labaratory".
  4. Added AI impulse "Open: Construction Firm".
  5. Added AI impulse "Open: Statue Of Cubos".
  6. Added AI impulse "Open: Arcade".
  7. Added AI impulse "Open: Shipyard".
  8. Added AI impulse "Open: Trading Post".
  9. Added AI impulse "Open: Headquarters".


  1. Reduced goals for the first 10 prestiges in Water Experiment to make the entry less rough.
  2. Changed default value of strings to empty string ("") instead of null for AI strings.
  3. Town Asset UI will now only be available after unlocking at least one Town Asset.
  4. Removed a bunch of unused assets to reduce size.
  5. Removed clamp from formula that prevented speed and amount bonus bars of infinity stones from ticking more than once per frame.


  1. Minor fix to prevent material shader in the Light Experiment from crashing due to negative color values.
  2. Fixed Water Experiment not progressing offline.
  3. Fixed Earth Experiment stability upgrade not counting properly.