Update April 18, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added Workers.
  2. Added Worker Tasks for Mine.
  3. Added Worker Tasks for Museum.
  4. Added Worker Tasks for Factory.
  5. Added Worker Tasks for Power Plant.
  6. Added Worker Tasks for Laboratory.
  7. Added Worker Tasks for Construction Firm.
  8. Added attack range indicator.
  9. Added setting to reduce the maximum amount of pixel lights.
  10. Added tooltip to boss upgrades to indicate that previous tier is required.
  11. Added tooltips to Mine rewards and depth.
  12. Added Cyrillic character support.
  13. Added step counter to Trading Post tutorial.
  14. Added more random lines to Dr. Cubical hints.
  15. Added AI function "Ternary: int".
  16. Added AI function "Ternary: double".
  17. Added AI function "Ternary: string".
  18. Added AI function "Ternary: vector2".


  1. UI now scales better in aspect ratios other than 16:9.
  2. Hammers are now craftable.
  3. AI can now craft hammers.
  4. AI functions in sub-menus are now sorted alphabetically.
  5. Reset button in Trading Post is not visible during the tutorial to avoid confusion.
  6. Resource drops in Town stats menu is now displayed as a factor.
  7. Contract bonus for resource drops is now localized in the Town stats UI.
  8. Deleting an AI script now deletes all active script instances of that script.
  9. Changed icon of Tower Customization.
  10. Change icon of favor conversion Town Perk.
  11. Moved e60 resource infinity perk to military tier 14.


  1. Fixed dialogs being affected by time scale.
  2. Fixed mine drilling not continuing while the game is closed.
  3. Fixed mine layers not correctly handling offline time.
  4. Fixed exit confirmation dialog from opening multiple times.
  5. Fixed depleted container in Power Plant now showing as empty.
  6. Fixed nature experiment day/night tooltip.
  7. Fixed typo in Trading Post crates help.
  8. Fixed missing Tower Testing help page.
  9. Fixed negative respawn time after internal crash.
  10. Fixed AI toggle hotkey not being updated in the Headquarters after changing it in the settings.
  11. Fixed AI being able to put items into an occupied machine.
  12. Fixed AI crafting consuming only 1 hammer when the recipe involved more than one.
  13. Fixed AI int/double function input UI sometimes crashing due to a parsing error.