Update April 23, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added guided tutorial to Workshop.
  2. Added Worker Task "Shipyard: Dockmaster".
  3. Added Worker Task "Power Plant: Boost Restarter".


  1. Upgraded engine to Unity 2020.3.5f1.
  2. Power Plant now supports dragging for placement and selling of components.
  3. Middle mouse button on a placed Power Plant component now selects it for placement.
  4. Sidebar and skillbar state of the in-game UI are now saved.
  5. Colored T4 and T5 producers in the Factory are now always better than their town resource counterpart.
  6. Removed exit confirm dialog from the main menu.
  7. Reworked how sprites are loaded and accessed.


  1. Fixed price rounding issue on infinity stone upgrades.
  2. [PC] fixed an issue that prevented local save when starting a new game.
  3. [PC] fixed a bunch of issues after trying to close the application but canceling on the exit dialog.