Update May 1, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added drag’n’ drop functionality for AI script lines.
  2. Added support to import multiple AI scripts by separating them with a semicolon ";".
  3. Added module cooldown and energy cost to module details in the Workshop.
  4. Added preview level and tier to Workshop when upgrading modules.
  5. Added fallback to invalid selected blueprint state.
  6. Added missing module unlock description in ’Incendiary Device’ artifact.


  1. Order of shard colors for mining worker tasks now matches tab order inside the mine.
  2. Boss 1 is now hitting the pillar the Tower jumped from rather then the one it is going to land on.
  3. HP lower than 0.001 is now displayed as "<0.001".


  1. Fixed universal experiment consuming resources when placing a component was not successful.
  2. Fixed air experiment overlapping.
  3. Fixed earth experiment goal overlapping.
  4. Fixed floating texts in Mine appearing in the skills menu.
  5. Fixed "max. power" skill in Power Plant displaying wrong values for active boosts.
  6. Fixed artifact icon on info screen not aligning correctly when resizing the game.
  7. Fixed artifact research time not updating.
  8. Fixed AI ignoring Factory recipe cost.
  9. Fixed AI not exiting idle mode correctly.
  10. Fixed pressing esc in Tower Customization exiting to main menu.
  11. Fixed Arcade displaying the wrong resource color for favor exchange.
  12. Fixed typo in water experiment help.