Update May 9, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added new challenge ’Desert #1’.
  2. Added new challenge ’Desert #2’.
  3. Added new challenge ’Desert #3’.
  4. Added new challenge ’Desert #4’.
  5. Added new challenge ’Desert #5’.
  6. Added new challenge ’Desert #6’.
  7. Added shiny effect to achievements.
  8. Added Worker task ’Neutral: Expand’.
  9. Added AI function ’Timestamp: now’.
  10. Added AI function ’String: index of’.
  11. Added AI function ’String: contains’.
  12. Added exotic skill ’Treasure Map’.
  13. Added new module ’Magical Protection’.
  14. Added new module ’Energy Flow’.
  15. Added new module ’Advanced Heal’.
  16. Added new module ’Sandstorm’.
  17. Added new module ’Desert Gift’.
  18. Added new module ’Head Hunting’.


  1. Era damage and health divisors cannot be upgraded anymore once they become infinite.
  2. Readjusted values of module ’Offensive Pack’.
  3. Readjusted values of module ’Defensive Pack’.
  4. Minor changes to Universal Experiment goal display.
  5. Refactored a big chunk of the code base.
  6. Started to replace C# events with our own event logic.
  7. Separated damage text from the core logic of the game (now acts like a mod instead of a hardcoded feature).
  8. Achievements are now refactored into the new loader system and are not hardcoded anymore.


  1. Fixed AI not being able to open Tower Testing UI when opening it for the first time after entering the Town.
  2. Fixed a rare case where the container height of the module list in the Workshop was too small.
  3. Fixed a potential issue that could affect the duration of long era Workshop researches.
  4. Fixed achievement push notifications not appearing when going back to the main menu once.